St. Teresa Tidbits

August 25, 2021

Student Handbook

School Dress Code and Good Grooming Policy

Students are expected to dress in a “businesslike” manner to encourage their personal best performance at school and maintain a sense of pride and dignity. Students with inappropriate attire may result with a phone call made to parent/guardian requesting a change of clothing and/or a note sent home with the child.

The following expectations will be enforced for St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School students:

  • Dresses and skirts should be modest length

  • Pant length should be no longer than the heel of the shoe

  • Girls may wear leggings, as long as their bottoms are covered

  • Hair is to be neat and clean

  • No exposed bras, midriffs, or underwear

  • Belts and collared shirts are encouraged

  • Shorts and sandals may be worn April 1 through October 15th, and shorts should be modest length.

  • Students are suggested to wear supportive shoes for recess

  • Students must have a separate pair of clean PE shoes

  • No shirts with inappropriate sayings, pictures, or mention of alcohol/tobacco

  • No clothing that is restrictive in movement or is distracting

  • Students may wear sleeveless shirts, only if straps are wider than two finger lengths

  • No ripped or torn jeans

  • On Church days, please dress your best (no tee-shirts, athletic shorts, sweatshirts or sweatpants) Ossian-Wednesday/Spillville-Thursdays

  • No pajama bottoms, unless it is a designated pajama day

  • No spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, mesh tops, short shorts, or tight shorts.


Students may begin band in 5th grade. This is a shared program with South Winn and Mr. Nathan Miller is the instructor. Individual & small group lessons take place in our school building once a cycle. Band students walk to SW for band practice three times a cycle as follows:

7th/8th grades 9:44-10:28 days 1,3,5

6th grade 10:30-11:14 days 1,3,5

5th grade 1:49-2:33 days 1,4,5 (beginning second quarter)

If you have any further questions about band, please contact Mr. Miller at

Free or Reduced Lunch

Even though students are receiving free breakfast and lunch through the seamless summer option, it is important to our school to complete the forms for free or reduced lunch. The number of students that qualify determines our school's financial support for services and grant dollars. Please reach out to Mrs. Heather Bullerman if you have any further questions about the application or in regards to our food service program at

Gold Envelopes

Our administrative staff will be sending home a gold colored family envelope at the end of each month with the oldest child in your family. Please empty the contents of this envelope, sign it, and return it to school the next day. The envelope contains important documents like field trip forms, activity calendar, lunch menu, tuition statements, fundraising information, and other sorts of communication from our school or community organizations. Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this form of communication.
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Dates to Remember:

Monday, Sept. 6th No School Labor Day

Wednesday, Sept. 15 Grandparent's Mass- Ossian

Friday, Sept. 17 Homecoming

Friday, Sept. 24 No School- Professional Development Day

Wednesday, Sept. 29th Picture Day (Calmar & Spillville)

Thursday, Sept. 30th Picture Day (Calmar & Ossian)