Host an Exchange Student!

Host families needed in the Richmond area

Hosting an exchange student is fun and rewarding!

As a host family, you provide the student with their own bed and either a private room or room shared with a same-sex family member. Students will eat meals with the family and participate in all family activities. Families receive a small stipend weekly for expenses. Students are otherwise financially responsible for
themselves. All participating students are proficient in English and are medically insured.

Why are they here?

To improve their English speaking skills through regular conversation and interaction with their host families, and to immerse themselves in American culture.

Summer 2013:
Placement needed for two boys from France, ages 16 and 19. Respective placement dates are July 10th- July 29th, and July 8th - August 11th.

Students are proficient in the English language and are coming to the
US to improve their English language skills as well as experience authentic American lifestyle and culture. What would you like to share with them about your culture?

Sarah Carr- Compass USA Student Exchange Coordinator

Contact me for more information about this and other exchange opportunities.