By Brett LaFleur, tallgrass aspen parkland biome

Tallgrass aspen parkland biome

this biome is up north by the top most western part of the state. It has tones of different types of trees but the most popular is the aspen. It also has a lot if animals but the most known are the moose, the bear, and the Sandhills crane.

The abiotic factors

Day by day it can go from dry and windy and hot to cold windy and moist. The soil is great for growing trees because the glacier that was here about 15,000 years ago make the ground and sun spot is great for growing them.

These are some of our top animals living here

Main type of tree located here

The main tree type here is the aspen tree which has a great variety of tree colors such as reds and oranges and yellows. This tree picture is of which an aspen

This is 1 out of 4 types of biomes in Minnesota

So go out and explore