Ace's Gym

By: Ace York

What the business is about and what the main focus is.

The whole point of this business is to get people in shape!!!! Many people are complaining to themselves and other about wanting to get in shape or because they want to lose some extra pounds! Ace's Gym can help you with these problems.

Diets and Workouts

At Ace's Gym, we focus on what exercises are best for certain people. For example, if someone wanted to lose a few pounds we would give them suggestions about what they should eat and have a specialized workout for them that would help them shed their excess weight in a few months. Or, if someone wanted to get ripped we would do they same thing for them but it would be a different diet plan and different workouts.

Types of exercises

Say if someone wanted to lose 50 pounds for a friends wedding or even theirs, Ace's Gym would plan out certain workouts that really help shed weight. Some of these exercises would include stuff like running, bike riding, steppers, and a bunch other cardio workouts. Or say if someone just wanted to get stronger, we would have them do workouts like bench, squat, power clean, and a ton of other workouts. Also we would have them go on long runs at least twice a week to keep their cardio where it needs to be.