Step by Step Instructions

Parent Portal and Online Registration

Step by Step instructions for Parent Portal:

I DO NOT have a Parent Portal account for an EXISTING student(s) that is enrolled in GCCISD.

  1. Go to, then Parents, then click on the Parent Portal Login

  2. Click on New User.

  3. The Parent will need to type in their First and Last name as it has been entered into Teams.

  4. Then the parent will enter the Student ID, NEW User ID, NEW Password, and Security Question and Answer. Encourage parents not to use all numbers are their Username.

  5. Click Submit.

Step by Step Instructions for Online Registration:

My student(s) has NEVER attended a GCCISD school and does NOT have siblings enrolled in GCCISD.

  1. Go to, then Parents, then click on Online Registration

  2. Click on Register New User (bottom of the page)

  3. Complete parent and student registration

  4. The User ID and password the parent creates, becomes the User ID and password for Parent Portal.


1. There is NOT a match for the student and contact combination entered.

Troubleshooting options:

  • Spelling of the contact first and/or last name will need to be checked on the New User Registration screen and in Teams.
  • The person is NOT listed under the students contacts. (Stepmom, dad, new guardian, etc.
  • The person is listed under the student contacts but not marked as a Parent or Guardian under Contact Type.

2. There is an error message about the Student ID.

Troubleshooting options:

  • The Student ID was entered incorrectly on the Parent Portal Registration Screen and in Teams.