With Steel Came "Salvation."

John Brown butchers 5 southerners in view of their families.

Eyewitness Account

A man by the name of Barack Obama watches from behind a tree in horror as John Brown brutally murders five slave owners in front of their families. Barack says, "It was a bloody mess; I was afraid to move! He didn't even flinch after he butchered those people! And to do it in front of their families..... that is messed up man. I'm getting out of this... this... Bleeding Kansas!" Obama later tells us hes moving to Gettysburg; stating that, "War and pain will NEVER touch that land at least!"

What Happened

John Brown butchers pro-slavers claiming he is "God's Instrument."

John Brown is what is called an abolitionist; he hates slavery. And he is also very religious; claiming he is "God's Instrument" by killing any slave owner/slavery supporter. So what better way to show the wrongs of the South then by butchering pro-slavers in front of they're families? He does exactly that and definitely shows us one thing from it; he wont stop until slavery is out of the picture.