Syrian Refugee Crisis

Who Are the Syrian Refugees?

Protests began in March of 2011 against Syrian government. The protests started in the city of Deraa where teenagers were captured and tortured. Within the next few months, thousands were sent to the same fate as the teenagers which set in the refugee movement. The government stepped in and completely took control of everything, giving no one rights (BBC, 2014). As the years progressed and the ISIS movement started to set in, not only was the government majorly restricting the people of Syria, but war started. ISIS started to invade countries like Iraq and Afghanistan- containing the majority of asylum seekers- making the refugee movements even larger and no longer containing just Syrians. In the four years since Syrian civil war started, 4.1 million Syrian citizens have been registered as refugees, not including countries like Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Iraq (CNN, 2015). The majority of the refugees speak Arab and are relatively young including many children and young men of Arabic decent. They're religion consists of mostly Islamic branches with a few Roman Catholics in the mix (Mercy Corps, 2015).

Pakistan Demographics

Pakistan is located in Southern Asia and covers 796,095 square kilometers.

  • Population: 199 million
  • Population Distribution: 939/ square kilometer
  • Average Age: 22.6
  • Age Distribution:

0-14 years: 32.65% (male: 33,396,847/ female: 31,611,641)

15-24 years: 21.44% (male: 22,016,207/ female: 20,673,562)

25-54 years: 36.28% (male: 37,526,930/ female: 34,701,271)

55-64: 5.28% (male: 5,254,347/ female: 5,253,526)

65 years and over: 4.35% (male: 4,036,727/ female: 4,614,789) (CIA, 2015)

Pakistan Job Market

Pakistan runs a semi- industrialized economy. Since it’s partially industrialized, many of the jobs are formed in textiles, food processing, steel, transport equipment, clothing paper products, and construction. Most jobs are involved with industries but there are some that involve agriculture. The entire country has a 7.7% unemployment rate (Maps of the World, 2014). The general schooling life expectancy is 8 years in total. Most children are required to work at a young age to help bring an income. Girls are less likely to go to school because they are considered a minority. In 2015, Pakistan’s literacy rate was measured at 57.9%- male: 67.9%, female: 45.8% (CIA, 2015).

Transporting Syrian Refugees To Pakistan

The distance from Syria to Pakistan is a grand total of 1788 miles. If the refugees are able to afford plane tickets, the fastest way would be going by plane. Since there are no major bodies of water, they could drive a car, take a bus, train, or if extremely desperate to flee, walk. The most likely form of transportation would probably be a combination of all four forms. (The picture below depicts the distance Syria is away from Pakistan).
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Would Pakistan Be A Good Place For Refugees?

Considering the fact that Pakistan wants nothing to do with the Syrian refugees, it would not be a good place for them to go. Not considering that fact, the number of Syrian refugees wouldn't drastically change the population of Pakistan because it has a very high population rate in the first place. It is projected to be 350 million people by 2050.

The main language of Pakistan is Punjabi and the main religion is Muslim. The religion wouldn't be a burden since most of the Syrian refugees are branched off the Islamic religions, but there would be a language and ethnic barrier since the refugees' main language is Arab and they are mostly Arabic whereas Pakistan is mainly of Punjabi decent. The ethnic and language barriers alone would strike controversy in the people of Pakistan towards the acceptance of the refugees just because they are a very culturally center group of people.

The young age of the refugees would be very similar to the young age of Pakistanis. The average age in Pakistan is 22.6 and if anything, the average age would be younger if they were accepting the refugees just because of the number of younger refugees there are. It would neither aid or harm the people of Pakistan if the younger refugees were to flee to their country just because the country is already relatively young in age.

Realistically, no Pakistan would not be a suitable place for refugees. The population is relatively high for a smaller country, but there are jobs for those you don't necessarily get an education. The unemployment rate is 7.7% so there would be job opening for new comers but, since they are not welcomed in the country of Pakistan with open arms, going there would not be an option for the Syrian refugees even though it is very close and viable place for sanctuary (CIA, 2015).

The country of Pakistan would like to grant no refugees the option of coming into their country. They do not want the new comers.


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