Puritan Marriage Customs

Fernanda Santos, Period 1

Marriage Characteristics

  • Puritans didn't see marriage as a religious ceremony, which is why it wasn't the priest who performed it, but rather the officer of the state.
  • Since marriage wasn't religious, divorce was allowed and wasn't seen as a sin. Puritans could marry and divorce as much as they wanted to, if the promises made in the beginning of the marriage had been broken.
  • Puritans believed the base of marriage should be true love, and didn't arrange young marriages.
  • Sex was only allowed after marriage, and those who broke this law faced severe punishment.
  • The wedding was seen as a civil process rather than a ceremony, no vows or wedding rings took part.

Background on the puritans

The puritans originally came from England, escaping a religious persecution in the 17th century.