Not Just Another Storymaker

8 Reasons To Love Storybird

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1. Simple and easy to use

Storybird is easy for not only teachers, but students as well.


Sounds from Tuesday morning by valmg
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2. Inspires Creative Thinking

Storybird works through backwards design. Students pick out artwork first and then create a story.

3. Beautiful Artwork

Illustrators and animators from all over share their amazing artwork on storybird to inspire writing and creativity. You will find eye-catching images that are sure to spark an interest in students of all ages.

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4. Issue Assignments

Post assignments for your class to provide focus with a due date.

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5. Provide quick feedback to students

Comment on students work to provide quick feedback to students

Available with upgrade, you are able to review work in progress, comment on student work, assign both numerical and letter grades as well as hand out digital stickers!

6. Build a Class Writing community

Students can share their work with classmates and can comment on each other's work. This is a fabulous way to encourage participation and motivate students as they learn from each other.

7. Students can Collaborate

Students can invite someone else to write the story with them.

  • Collaborate with a classmate
  • Find a class from another state or country and pair up students-(only with upgraded membership)
  • Invite parents to write a story with their child.

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8. Easy to Share

Imbed in class website or blog, email to parents, download, and there is an option to order a hard copy.

Other Favorite Apps and Websites Worth Checking Out

Screenchomp-similar to educreations and show me-great for showing math strategies. Could post on edmodo or webpage so parents can see how you are teaching a particular topic.

Evernote-great for recording fluency/stores date automatically

Dragon Dictation-Audio to text

Tellegami-create avatar and record audio message to email to parents

Popplet, simpleminded-graphic organizers

Remind 101-send text reminders to parents, parents cannot text back

Sign Up Genius-great tool to sign up parents for conferences-keeps track of available times online

ClassDojo-online behavior management tool. Students can create own avatar and teacher can award points or take away for behavior. Easy to customize, great audio and visual aide for students. Generates weekly reports that could be sent to parents.

kerpoof, makebeliefscomics-comic strip maker

S'more-online flyer-great to use as newsletter