Polar Bears

How they live and why they are Threatened animals

What are polar bears?

Polar bears are on of the largest carnivores and one of the biggest type of bears. They are also a threatened species. Polar bears have white/ cream fur and live in the Arctic region. They hunt seals and other mammals.

Where polar bears live

Polar bears live in the Arctic region and they hunt seals and other animals. Also they get their water from streams and creeks. They mostly stay in cold region so they can hunt seals all year round and because they would get to warm and over heat.

How polar bears became endangered/ threaten

Polar bears became endangered by global warming. Global warming caused this because the climate in the Arctic region is warming up and melting the Ice which is making it harder for the bears to get there food and reproduce. Also sometimes causes drowning because the bears get to warn out swimming so much.

How we could prevent Global Warming?

We could prevent it by being more green. For example you could use less fossil fuels by driving a hybrid or electric cars. Also by recycling.
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Interesting Facts

  • Polar bears are one step under being an endangered species.
  • Their hair is actually clear though it looks white on black skin.
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