ESI Pre-Arrival Challenge 2

What is Social Innovation?

Only two more weeks to ESI!

There are still several tasks to complete before the program:

Challenge 2 Instructions

NOTE: It's very important that you complete the Pre-Program Survey BEFORE starting Challenge 2.

From the Pre-Program Survey results so far, it is clear that there is a wide range of knowledge and experience with social innovation among us. The goal of Challenge 2 is to start sharing what we know with each other and begin discussing the question, "What is social innovation?"

1) On the ESI 2015 (Spring) page, share one organization, idea, or concept related to social innovation that you find inspiring, and explain why.

2) If you have a question about social innovation, or a question about someone else's post, please post your question on the page, too. Remember, we are sharing our knowledge - there are no bad questions!

3) During the program, we will build on this discussion in a co-learning event, so it's important that you participate in Challenge 2 as preparation.