Team Tuttle December Newsletter

How did our year end? AMAZINGLY!!

As a team, we ended the year with $490,621 in pv!

Here are the designers with pv of $500-$749:

Amy Diaz

Ken Bradley

Amy Bateman

Loraine Rife

Brigitte Rothstein

Karen Yoder

Jenny Hartford

Cindy Hertel

Cassidy Hart

Ellen Browning

Tanya Shrum

Cheri Mandel

Ana Paula Ribeiro

Kelly Brosnan

Joanna Heidebrecht

Maria Jucilene Lallave

Meghan Shaffer

Libby Skaggs

Jeanel Tomnitz

Deborah Hoff-Sanchez

Jennifer Loyko

Yolanda Jenkins-Hester

Debra Biagini

Cerissa Mantz

Lora Clark

Kayla Wink

Gilma Acevedo

Cari Hollis

Katie Moore

Raina Conner

Tiffany Kuehn


Denise Blaine

Arelis Rodriguez

Sandra Bravo

Robert & Eveline Reiner

Anitra Parmele

Jasmine Skaggs

Kristen Tuttle

Jeanie Jordan

Angela Ison

Kandy Kennen

Maria Delcampo

These designers had $750-$1,000 in pv:

Tiffany Mitcham

Cynthia Davis

Miranda Erickson

Kristen Dillon

Christine Smalley

Sara deMelo

Rosemarie Pearcey

Dawn Petrone

Shelle Pendergrast

Shana Rodgers

Carrie Johnson

Taryn Bailey

Winter Borstelman

Dede Smith

Jennifer Curran

These deisgners had $1,000-$1,750 in pv:

Sandy Gast & Kimberly Parker

Lora & Skylar & Erin Schott

Janice Nork

Mary Wassell

Sarah Thompson

Terrisa & David Singleton

Kati McGuire

Lyndsie Cartney

Tatiana Lessa

Sherry Richmond

A huge congrats to the top 4 pv earners!!

Rafaela Rios- $7994

Aimee Johnson- $5557

Kathy Pardee- $4755

Sandi-Rose Smith- $2710

Congrats to this designer who promoted from Designer to Lead Designer!:

Yolanda Jenkins-Hester

Welcome to all our newest designers for the month of December

LaRinda McConnaughey

Jessica Chamberlain

Deanna Gwin

Sharon Powell

Maria Bjork

Arlet Asfura

Shelle Pendergrast

Junet Leon

Cynthia Wilde

Catherine Arias-Johnson

Congrats to these designers who celebrate Owlversarys!

3 years!

Kris Crowe

Tammy Fischer

Stacey Eickhorst

2 years!

Charlotte King

Gelsomine Duggan

Kirstan Marks

Allyson Monceret

Kelli Headrick

Cortney Scott

Sarah Pung-Eckert

1 year!

Leslie Doucet

Kerry Reagan

Nichole Shafer

Deborah McLeod

Yvonne Rios

Erin Nichols

Maureen Chandler

Kelsey Crawford

Brittany Grant


Annette Sharp

Carol Saffle

Tracy Frame

Ryann McCoy

Patricia McKenzie

Olga Gustavson

Maeghan Gerloff

Alina Parks

Angela Murtagh

Lindsay Sawyer

Gina Martorano

Tamera Schmidt

Some news from the the Nest. All info and clickable links are in your back office.

Valentine's Day Customer Launch - 1/4/2016

Valentine's Day Customer Launch
Don’t forget that our Valentine’s Day Collection will be available starting Noon (CT) tomorrow. And keep an eye out for an email that you’ll be receiving in your inbox tomorrow. So start promoting and generate some excitement about this amazing new collection to your Facebook and Twitter! Check out this great article to help you spread the word.

Promotions begin January 4, 2016

THREE exciting new incentives are now UP and ready to help your business (and your dreams!) take flight.

This is your chance to jump-start your January and make 2016 your best year yet—now that’s happy!

So, besides taking advantage of our new Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection (available starting January 5), our Double Hostess Rewards promotion (available until January 31), and the new Valentine’s Day Hostess Exclusive, take a look at these three new incentives to get your January off to an incredible start.

Spring for this {surprise!} Hostess Exclusive so you can share a sneak peek of this new collection at your upcoming Jewelry Bars!

Retailing at $95 USD | $130 CAD, this beautiful, Spring surprise will shine a bright light on the gorgeous new Spring 2016 Collection, providing an extra reason for your potential Hostesses to schedule their own Jewelry Bars.

Here’s How to Earn the Spring Hostess Exclusive:

  • Earn 250 PV (Personal Volume) or more in the Spring Hostess Exclusive qualification period.*
  • You’ll be able to purchase the Spring Hostess Exclusive for $25 USD | $30 CAD, plus taxes and shipping!

Take a look at the flyer and share it with your teams!

*The qualification period for the Spring Hostess Exclusive incentive begins January 1, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. Central Time (CT) and concludes at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT) on January 31, 2016.

See FAQs and Terms + Conditions for further details.

2017 Origami Owl Incentive Trip Qualifications

The qualification period for our 2016 Cancún Incentive Trip has now wrapped up and we can’t wait to celebrate with those who made waves in 2015!

Now, you must be wondering—what’s the new location for the 2017 trip and how do I qualify? We have the answers…sort of.

The location for the 2017 incentive trip is top secret and will be revealed at L.E.A.D. later this month. Stay tuned for the exciting news following the event!

This year, we wanted to make sure even MORE of you could qualify for this owl-mazing trip through consistent, persistent action, so we’re introducing a tiered qualification approach. Those who are consistently Owlchievers each month will reap the greatest rewards and, even if you only achieve 80 points, you could still join us on the trip!

Here’s how to qualify + what you’ll receive:
Qualification period: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

  • Be an Owlchiever 12 out of 12 months (or earn 150 MyO2 Rewards Points): Receive a trip for 2 and airfare for 2*
  • Be an Owlchiever 11 out of 12 months (or earn 125 MyO2 Rewards Points): Receive a trip for 2 with airfare for 1**
  • Be an Owlchiever 10 out of 12 months (or earn 100 MyO2 Rewards Points): Receive a trip for 2
  • Be an Owlchiever 8 out of 12 months (or earn 80 MyO2 Rewards Points): Receive a trip for 1

*The qualifier will receive a $1,000 bonus towards airfare.
**The qualifier will receive a $500 bonus towards airfare.

Again, stay tuned for more details on this exciting trip following our L.E.A.D. event later this month.

January Business Incentive: Earn DOUBLE myO2 Rewards Points

What better way to kick off your quest to join us on the 2017 incentive trip than by DOUBLING your myO2 Rewards Points in January?

And, it’s just as it sounds! You’ll earn DOUBLE the myO2 Rewards Points when you personally sponsor new Designers, grow your personal sales and develop your leaders. For example: Earn 9 regular myO2 Rewards Points in January? Those points turn into 18!

Tap into your O2 Vital Behaviors and see how your dreams take flight in 2016!

Here are more even more details:
Independent Designers are eligible to earn double myO2 Rewards Points for Personal Sales (PV), Personal Sponsoring (SP) and Developing Leaders (DL) from January 1, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. Central Time (CT) through January 31, 2015, 11:59 p.m. (CT). There is no limit on how many myO2 Rewards Points can be doubled.

  • For example, Independent Designer Brian earns 9 myO2 Rewards Points in January. He will earn 9 Bonus Points, giving him a total of 18 month-to-date points for January 2016.

Multiple Bonus Point Opportunities in the Same Month
If an Independent Designer is eligible for multiple myO2 Rewards Bonus Point opportunities within a defined business month, the Independent Designer will earn myO2 Rewards Bonus Points for whichever opportunity yields a greater bonus point value.

  • For example, Independent Designer Ally earns 7 myO2 Rewards Points in January. Ally is eligible for Soar to Success Bonus Points AND Bonus Points for the January Double myO2 Rewards Points Incentive.
  • Ally either earns 5 Soar to Success Bonus Points or 7 Bonus Points for the January Double myO2 Rewards Points Incentive.
  • Ally will earn the 7 Bonus Points for the January Double myO2 Rewards Points Incentive since it yields a greater bonus point value than the 5 Soar to Success Bonus Points she would have earned. Ally will have a total of 14 month-to-date points for the myO2 Rewards Program in January.

Thank you for all you do to be a Force for Good while helping others share their stories with meaningful, customizable Origami Owl jewelry. We appreciate you and look forward to celebrating your success in 2016. It’s going to be an owl-mazing year!

Get your Valentine's Day JB are a few themes:

Get creative with these fun new themes

First, our special Valentine’s Day collection will be revealed to you, our owl-mazing Designers, on Tuesday, December 29. If you start scheduling your Jewelry Bars AFTER that date, you’re already running late!
So, if you’re ready put your O2 Vital Behaviors into action and get your calendar sparkling with fun Jewelry Bars this January, look no further than these three new Jewelry Bar themes to try.

1. The Valentine’s Day Collection Preview Jewelry Bar

Have customers who are always waiting for the latest seasonal gift collection by Origami Owl? Invite all the fans for the official Valentine’s Day Collection Preview Jewelry Bar.

When to schedule: January 10-16

How to choose your Hostess: She’s a gifter who LOVES Origami Owl and adores earning her jewelry for free. Reach out to her and tell her she can be the FIRST to get the beautiful new Valentine’s Day Hostess Exclusive and earn the new, customizable jewelry for free. OR consider hosting a Valentine’s Day Collection launch Jewelry Bar in your own home while inviting your best customers, friends, and people who have never been introduced to Origami Owl.

Add some happy: You know it’s coming: the day after Christmas, stores will be tucking away their holiday décor and bringing out the pink! Find a fun, heart-shaped candy dish, stock up on conversation hearts and choose pieces that add a little extra happy to your Jewelry Bar. Pick just a few touches of Valentine’s to make your Jewelry Bar festive.

Quick tip: Have your guests fill out a “wish list” after they take a peek online and provide the contact information of their significant other. You can contact their loved one directly to help them choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

2. BYOL {Bring Your Own Love} Personal Shopper + Football Jewelry Bar

There’s no doubt about it: Valentine’s Day is THE day to gift jewelry. But, if your female customers want something that isn’t straight off the rack at the local jewelry store while featuring what they care about most, it’s time to get the guys in on the action. Consider hosting a Jewelry Bar that’s Sunday football meets personal shopper time.

When to schedule: Sundays (January 10, 17, 24 and/or 31)

How to choose your Hostess: Her Sundays are usually church and an afternoon watching football with the family—and she has lots of the same kinds of friends.

How to do it: Pick a Sunday and ask your Hostess to choose a time that’s at least an hour or two before kick-off for a popular football game. Next, your guests arrive in pairs—your female customer and her significant other. Share the jewelry and its customizable options with your customers and their significant others; have the female customer write down her “wish list” and then let the guys take it from there. (Just be sure to wrap up checkout in time for football!)

Add a little happy: Encourage your Hostess to turn her Jewelry Bar into a tailgater’s dream—with a little shopping mixed in, of course. Make it a potluck and have her guests bring an appetizer or drink to share so they can enjoy the social hour after the shopping is done.

3. Couples Date Night Jewelry Bar

What do all parents and busy adults need a little more of? Date night! Bringing shopping and appetizers together for a fun night {sans the kids!} will give them a relaxing time without the hassle of wandering through stores.

When to schedule: Friday or Saturday nights (January 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30)

How to do it: Give your Hostess two dates to choose from and ask them to think of several fun couples to invite over for date night. She’ll want to have a few drinks and appetizers out and guests can also bring something to share. Share that you’ll be spending time explaining the customizable jewelry, giving them time to enjoy the appetizers and complete their Valentine’s Day shopping together.

Add a little happy: Want to make it even easier on your guests? Suggest bringing an older daughter who can babysit at the house in another room while you have date night. You can offer to pay her in Origami Owl jewelry! Sometimes that’s the biggest hurdle for adults to get out for the night.

So, now that you have a few ideas, look at your calendar and choose the themes and the dates. Next, put a list together of your ideal Hostesses and start calling. Tell them you have fun new Jewelry Bar themes and you’d love to help them earn customizable, meaningful jewelry for free.

Find a local SOAR meeting and attend!

The O2 Empowerment Summit is quickly approaching and I couldn't be more excited. I will get to see many of you on the team! After this Leadership meeting, many of us will be having large meetings to share all the knowledge we gained to owls all over the country and in Canada. Members from the Nest will be in attendance at some of these meetings. The Nest is compiling all the meetings and links and once I get them, I will pass on the info to you. Please try to attend a meeting if one is close enough.

Don't forget to check out for lots of news, pictures, and videos! Thanks for a great year and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us.