Keith Alsberry

Period 5

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This right here is my Mom And Little Sister. These are my heart sometimes in life when your really going threw alot you turn to family. I really dont have alot of family i just have these two. when i was told i had a falling kidney these two were the only ones there for me. And i love them to Death. ill die,kill ETC for them becasue without them i wouldent be were i am to.
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Summer Vacation!

This Summer me and my Dad,My big Sister,And my little sister all went to Chicago (Chi-Town). Chicago is were my dad is from.Chicago is really big Place and has alot of history behind it. we saw Barack obamas House,Muhammed Ali old House. We also saw the Opra Winfy studio. Its Known to be a bad place but thats some parts.
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My Mother <3

I Know i did one on my family alot but i have to do a a special one for my mother. Ok this is the woman that carried be around for 9 months and never gave up. Me and her has been threw some rough times. From her kicking me out because i was really behaving myself. and i wanna say thank you to my mom. because without my mother i wouldent be the man i am today. I wouldent be were i am today. the Bond between a mother and son is a special One. It remains unchanged by time or distance. It is the purest Love. Unconditional and True. its is understanding of any situation and forgiving of any mistake.
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I lovvvvvveee Football. It is my passion and my life. This team here is more than a team its a Family. this is a brotherhood. in this game we beat the team 38-6. Yea we did great. I love my brothers because they tought me brotherhood. I lost my brother in a car crash and i thought i would never see brothers again until i met them.
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My Movie!

During the Summer i became the founder and CEO of a company Called BeastCoastEntertainment. And with all the Violence happening in Delaware. Me and mt team decided to create A movie. The movie is called Killaware. The movie is telling about The Violence and The tragadys. but its also telling about the good that can and is going on in Delaware. We created this Movie to send a message to not only the community but to the world that violence is not the way. And if we come together as one we can change the world as One!