Cat kite project

Pleas take a look at my new kite! (//_^)

Blue print cat kite

The cat kite is very easy to mack. These things you need to make a cat kite: a black garbage bag, glue, tape, roller, scissors, and two sticks. When flying this kite it looks lite its walking on air, or gliding, it's also fun to fly! Good luck making on if you try to.

Flying a kite

Its not heard to fly a kite. You will have to do these.

Step 1: Unravel the string from witch its attached to.

Step 2: Hold some string in one hand and the end in the other hand.

Step 3: Your partner will hold the kite and start walking backwards.

Step 4: When he/she has walked back far enough, say "let go" and then start running.

When the wind picks up the kite, it will start to fly! See, it doesn't take much to fly a kite.

The kites, the three times


The three math problems

1. 36.8 x 3 = 110.4

2. 15.3 x 5 = 76.5

3. 78 x 2 = 156

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