1st Impressions September Strategy

September 11, 2013

Ready to bring in 40+% Commission for your year in Q4? Attend your local Fall Re-Entree Bootcamp!

I heard Director Sarah Pearsall and her team rocked it out in Chicago! Way to go!

Many are still happening across the country this week and weekend. To find your local event visit: http://stylewatch.stelladot.com/events/

It's worth it to invest in your business at this time plus you'll have a blast!

Want to layer that income even more? Let us help you promote!

Make a few calls and bring your guests to your local Bootcamp (guests will receive a gift of jewelry!) or take them to coffee and explain our fabulous, flexible business! Here's a document I've been using to keep track of my sponsoring conversations.

~ Click the above image, drag to your desktop, and share with your prosepective stylists ~

Call Today: Deep Dive Training to Sponsor by Habit this Fall featuring Jess Sigler

Wednesday, September 11th
Dial: (800)747-5150 Access: 6977091#

Who do you know that would like to earn an extra $5,000 this fall? Now is the time to talk to them about the Stella & Dot opportunity! Tune into this week's Deep Dive Training with Associate Director, Jess Sigler to hear how she has sponsored 5 new team members since Hoopla. You can too by following her simple steps to sponsoring by habit!

AND: Register for the Super Star Program! The next session will start Oct. 1

This monthly program is for anyone interested in promoting, holding 4+ shows/month and sponsoring 1/month in Q4. It's a perfect program to try out. You'll get a focused weekly call and inclusion into a special Facebook Page geared just for you and your goals with tips from Top Company Leaders guiding you along the way.

As Lead Stylist Heather Dodge told me, the first Super Star Call was so popular that one of the speakers couldn't even get on the line because it maxed out! The call got rave reviews and really motivated stylists to get on the horn and make things happen!

Check out this site to see what registrants in the September session are going for: https://super-stars.squarespace.com/

More details can be found in our lounge here: http://lounge.stelladot.com/news/programs-to-help-you-grow-stay-consistent

Top Booking Strategies from TOP Bookers on Star Director Cindy Rhodehamel's Team!

Ready to fill up that September calender? Take a listen to this call and you'll have all the tools you need to give your business a jump start to STACK UP YOUR REWARDS!:

Playback Number: (605) 475-4895
Access Code: 212990#
Reference #63

Happy Hump Day!

xo's, Carrie