Parliamentary Procedure

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The Basics

Parliamentary procedure is the most effective way for a 4-H club to conduct business. It helps keep order by introducing structure—only one agenda item can be discussed at a time. It helps groups reach decisions through a majority vote, yet ensures that everyone has a voice. Parliamentary procedure...

  • Keeps meetings short and focused.
  • Is democracy in action. Everyone has equal rights.
  • Ensures rights of the minority are protected, while the majority rules.

Five Steps to Making a Motion

Parliamentary Procedure

Steps for Decision Making using Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Motion — A motion is a request that something is done or that something is the opinion or wish of the group. Only one motion should be placed before the group at one time. It is debatable and amendable.
  2. Second— Someone from the group must“second” the motion (agree to the motion) so that it can be discussed.
  3. Restate the motion — The president restates the motion before the discusses the motion.
  4. Discussion — The motion “on the floor” is discussed by all members, addressing the pros and cons, etc.
  5. Vote — The group votes by voice — yes/no; by show of hands; by standing; by secret ballot; or by roll call vote.
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Parliamentary Procedures Basics

Parliamentary Procedure Basics
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