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December 1, 2022

School Libraries Make a Powerful Difference in Student Achievement

Effective school libraries support the whole child by encouraging reading for academic and personal growth; by supporting the development of research strategies to create and share new knowledge; and by teaching ethical participation in an interconnected world. Exemplary school libraries are both physical and virtual places that offer exceptional programs and are led by highly qualified professionals.

When the South Dakota School Library Guidelines are used in conjunction with the South Dakota School Library Content Standards, stakeholders can be assured they are taking an important step toward ensuring South Dakota’s students thrive in today’s society.

The South Dakota School Library Guidelines were formally adopted in 2020 by the South Dakota Library Association and the South Dakota State Library Board. They are based on best practices from professional research and educational organizations and outline the best practices for a 21st century school library.

The South Dakota State Library offers a voluntary self-assessment tool that librarians and administrators are encouraged to use as an aid in implementing the guidelines. This tool can be a catalyst for conversations concerning future planning and development and serve as a checklist toward strategic planning and annual goals.

For assistance implementing these guidelines, contact the SD State Library School Library Coordinator at

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