Marketing Academy Newsletter 1/2014

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Webinar: About Tweeting Fridges, Trust Barometers and Truly Engaging Campaigns

What you can expect from the webinar?

Social Media has changed our lives. We trust ratings and postings on products and services from people that we don't even know. We base important decisions on

other peoples´opinions.

We don't want to be bored by the same standard marketing messages over and over again - we want to be entertained & appreciated as a customer. We want advertising and brand engagement that is so good that we would even pay for it.

In this webinar we´ll explore the opportunities of future social media excellence.

About the speaker:

Susanne Ullrich is Marketing Manager DACH at Brandwatch - one of the world's leading platforms for social media monitoring and social analytics, helping brands find, analyse and respond to social media conversations. Before Susanne came to Brandwatch in April 2012, she was responsible for Communications & Co-operations at a company that provided search engine technologies. Today Susanne is the Deputy Chairperson of the Market & Trend Research Unit of a German association dealing with the digitalization of enterprises (Bundesverband der Digitalen Wirtschaft (BVDW)). She is also a member of the Digital Media Women Community Munich, supporting women in the digital industry to become more visible.

On Twitter, you can find her at @ullrichsusanne.

Date. February 6th, 12.45 p.m. CET or 11.45 p.m. GMT

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Across the Globe: A virtual visit from Thomas Rosenkranz from TEF Sao Paulo, Brasil

Four big Telco companies, mostly prepaid customers and only 14% of Brazil’s population own a smartphone. This is how the telecom industry looks like in Brazil.

Since beginning of 2013 Thomas Rosenkranz has been responsible for setting-up of a new department called “Vivo Advertising” at Telefónica/Vivo in São Paulo. In his talk

he´ll share with us the challenges faced when it comes to marketing their services to customers and clients.

Vivo Advertising helps companies to promote their products and services and deliver their marketing message directly, targeted to the Vivo customer base using for example text message, mobile internet or sponsored calls.

As Thomas and his team are responsible for the end-to end process (from the idea, to the design to the execution to the final evaluation) of these campaigns, they need to work in a very precise, lean and focused way. Thomas will share with us how they work together and how they add value to the company´s success.

About the speaker:

Thomas Rosenkranz is Head of Campaign Delivery at Vivo Advertising Brasil and leads a team of 6 people. Before joining Telefónica in Brazil in June 2013 he worked as Head of Partner Solutions for the German advertising unit ‘Media Services’ in Munich. He attained his BA in ‘International Business’ in Cambridge (UK) and has a broad background in Mobile Marketing through his international working experience in mobile marketing agencies (e.g. MindMatics) and brands like BMW/MINI. He joined Telefónica in 2006 to set up the „Media Services“department.

Date: February 20th, 3.30 p.m. or CET, 2.30 p.m. GMT

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Two Tips for Free External Online Courses in February 2014

We would like to encourage you to take your career and your education into your own hands. The web offers us plenty of good learning opportunities that are free and

which complement what your local internal learning and development colleagues can offer you.

One opportunity to learn with others students outside of Telefonica are so called MOOCS. MOOCS are by definition Massive Open Online Courses which aim for

unlimited participation and open access via the web. These courses are provided by experienced institutions (e.g. Universities) and are free of charge.

We have selected the two following courses which we recommend you to :

The first tip is a course on "power of brands".

Follow the link below for more details where you´ll find information on content, the learning methods, the lecturers and the time investment needed as well as the specific dates:

The second tip is another MOOC which helps you to deal more effectively

with "conflicts and conflict resolutions":

You can register at no costs and upon completion, of course you´ll get a

certificate which you can evidence in your career map.

And finally, here are two of our favourite links we would like to share with you:

If you need a quick update or gain a new insight for your daily marketing work, this is a website I like to go to from time to time. It is curated by Russ Merz and focuses on branding and the role of communication methods- traditional as well as social media- and offers a lot of simple, digestible facts and figures on latest trends:

Christmas is over now, we know, but finally we would like to share with you a brilliant marketing campaign delivered by WestJet in December 2013. You may even have heard of it already. Below you find the youtube link - it is inspring to watch- miracles can become real - so good!

If you have any question on this newsletter, please let us know.

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And now here is the WestJet Christmas miracle on youtube:

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving
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