Kindergarten Math Homework

Homework in Kindergarten? Really?!

Homework takes a different form in kindergarten. Do not expect to receive math worksheets or flash cards to do with your child. Instead, math at this early age takes the form of exploration through play and through structured activities.

Math Through Play

Encourage your child to explore math concepts at home while they play or while you are out with them exploring the world. Here are some suggestions:

During Play:

  • Ask your child to sort their toys
  • Ask them about the shapes they see while they are playing with building toys or doing crafts
  • Take every opportunity to have your child count objects in their play
  • Question and challenge your child to extend their play. For example, ask open ended questions like: "What might happen if you..." "Why do you think..."

Math Through Structured Activities

You can also plan out math activities to do with your child. Here are some suggestions:

  • Have your child sort the laundry, ask them what attribute they are sorting by
  • Have your child sort and count groceries, again ask them what attribute they are sorting by
  • Go on a shape hunt in your house, neighbourhood, or at a store. Record all the shapes you find with photos, drawings, and words
  • Play counting games with your child
  • Sing counting songs with your child, ex. ten on the bed, 5 green and speckled frogs
  • Read counting books with your child
  • Bake with your child and discuss measurement. Experiment: how many 1/4 cups will fit into 1 cup?
  • Provide your child with manipulatives and create patterns together
  • Go on a pattern hunt in your house

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