1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment


Amendment 1- Freedom Of Assembly

Freedom of Assembly, discussed in the first amendment along with many other federal rights, is mainly about freedom of being in or creating a group. The right to have a club, posse, etc. You can have any kind of group as long as they aren’t causing any harm. You have the right to join together with others to reach common goals and common opinions, both in public and in private. This doesn’t mean that any group can come together for any purpose. All in all, Freedom of Assembly is the right to have/be in a harmless club, group, posse, etc.

Amendment 2

The right to bear arms is the people's right to have their own guns/weapons for their defense as described in the philosophical and political writings of Aristotle, Cicero, John Locke, MachiavellI, the English Whigs and others. In countries with an English common law tradition, a long standing common law right to keep and bear arms has long been recognized, as pre-existing in common law, prior even to the existence of written national constitutions. In the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is also an enumerated right specifically protected by the U.S. Constitution and many state constitutions such that people have a personal right to own arms for individual use, and a right to bear these same arms both for personal protection and for use in a militia. To sum up, the second amendment is almost all about the right to bear arms and the specific uses you have along with it.

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