Lucas Gardner

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What is ISIS?

ISIS is defined as a goddess, Isis portrayed as a woman, wearing a headdress shaped like a throne and with an Ankh in her hand.
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Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

ISIS is a military organization, formerly an al-Qaeda organization. They go simply by the name ISIS. Over the course of only a few years they have been capturing cities in Iraq, and killing millions. They are marching toward Baghdad. The reason they are fighting is to create a radical, extremist state with a supreme ruler.

What are ISIS's goals?

ISIS's main goal is to show how superior their god is by taking all the cities without being stopped.That is primarily the main reason they don't care if they destroy historic sites; in fact they may even want to destroy them to get rid of all other religion. That is another one of their goals, to get rid of all other religion so that there god is the only one. They plan to take over as many cities/countries as they can to make their state as big as they can. They use oil money and the money they get from the cities they take to fund their war.
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Did ISIS bomb the Russian jetliner killing 224 people?

ISIS said that they are the ones that bombed the Russian jet as an act of revenge. Were trying to get revenge on Russia for the airstrikes in Syria that Russia launched. ISIS was quoted on saying that the "revenge exacted upon those who felt safe in the cockpits of their jets." The terrorists claim they brought down the plane with a homemade bomb disguised in a pop can. We are not sure that ISIS didn't just take credit for the bombing but Russian investigators said they were sure that a homemade bomb was the reason for the crash. Also we don't know if they planned on bombing a different plane as they said and then switched when Russia started bombing Syria or if this was the original plan. President Putin was furious and said he would find the people responsible at whatever the cost. He offered a £30million reward for any information on the bombing. Putin also went on to say that he will intensify the airstrikes on Syria. We don't understand ISIS very well but we do know that they need to be stopped.
Russia confirms Plane Crash Terrorism Bomb DAESH Breaking News November 17 2015