Welcome to English Class!

New Freshman

New Freshman!

Hi, my name is Melissa! How has your summer been? Wish it was forever though, but this year will fly by! Mrs. Allen makes English class so much fun! This is my last year at Shenango, and it is by far my favorite! You'll enjoy most of the time. Mrs. Allen always jokes around and makes class easy. You do have some homework, but it's always easy. I hope you enjoy this year as much as I did!
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Short Stories!

Scarlet Ibis

We've read a bunch of short stories in English class. My favorite short story we've read is Scarlet Ibis. It's about a little boy who saw this bird and he really liked it. Him and his brother went outside and the ending of the story is pretty sad, but it's neat. It's super short too, which a lot of students will like.

The Hunger Games

One big chapter book we read was the Hunger Games. Most people have either read the book, or seen the movie. In English, we get to do both! Reading it is really easy too, since you read it together. I liked reading the book and comparing it to the movie. It was easy for everyone in the class.


Another big book we read was Monster. It was a harder book to read, but it was really good. You got to see both perspective too. Mrs. Allen also lets some students get certain parts when we read aloud. She makes you really think hard about this book, but it's worth it. It has a cool ending to it too.

Group literature circles

Group literature circles was my favorite part of English this year! You get divided into 4 or 5 groups. Mrs. Allen gives you a book that she thinks you'll like. Then you'll work with the people who have the same book. I got the book Twisted which was amazing! It was so interesting, I finished the book in 3 days! Most of the class seemed to enojoy their books too. This section is really cool to do.

Independent Reading

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Independent reading was actually fun for me. You could pick any fictional book you wanted, which was pretty cool. The best part about independent reading was the book talks. Mrs. Allen LOVES books!! If you actually read you're book, she'll enjoy talking to you about it, and make reading more fun! She makes the whole independent reading and books talk fun for everyone. I loved reading and talking to her about the books I read because she would recommend another book for me. If you like reading and even if you don't, you'll still enjoy independent reading and book talks!
My favorite part of English was having it in the afternoon. It would fly by, but it was also so much fun! I liked how Mrs. Allen would always joke around too. She made English class more fun than most classes. Anyone who has her, doesn't have anything bad to say. I hope you guys like her sense of humor!
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Not so Fave about English..

I didn't like reading Juliet and Roemo. I like reading and all, but it was really long. Also it took up a month of English class just to read the story. It's also very predictable which I didn't like. That was pretty much all I didn't like in English. It's a really fun class, so there really isn't anything not to like.

First day of school

Monday, Aug. 24th, 8pm

2550 Ellwood Road

New Castle, PA

My advice for next year, is be prepared! Mrs. Allen loves when people come to class! I would know, because sometimes I didn't come prepared. Whoops! But she's a very leniant teacher too. Also another important advice is keep all of your papers organized! It'll help you near the end of the year. Plus she has binder checks, so it'll be very helpful to be organized. My last adivce is, don't complain. Teachers don't like when students complain and most students hate when just one kid complains! So, always have a positive when you come to English class, it'll make it go by fast and east!
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Top 5 things to get on Mrs. Allen's side!

  1. Do your homework
  2. Keep up your grades!
  3. Don't complain about homework, it's never a lot anyways.
  4. Pay attention and laugh at her jokes! ;)
  5. Don't take advantage of her being super lenient!!
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