DRMS Media Update

Quarter 2 Fall 2016

Research Projects/Teaching

Collaboration projects from quarter 2:

Ancient Greece GRAPES stations: Social Studies 6.1, 6.2/3

Create a Fakebook Page for a Mathematician: Math 7.4

Research Paper: L.A. 7.1 and 7.2/3

Edgar Allan Poe Study: L.A. 6.2/3, 6.4, 6.1

Primary and Secondary Sources: Social Studies 6.1

Microbiology Project: Science 8.1, 8.2

Dickens of a Party: L.A. 7.2/3

Imperialism Research: S.S. 7/2.3

Bettering the World research: L.A. 6.2

Independent Study Groups WWI project: 7.4

Building Literacy

Book and Magazine Purchases

Mrs. Myers purchased new books for the media center from Follett using the proceeds from the Scholastic book fair. She used other media funds for a subscription to Junior Library Guild, which will enable the school to receive about 10 new books monthly. Those books will begin coming in in January 2017.

She applied for a PTA mini grant to get magazines. We will continue to get Dogster, Catster, Radio Control Cars, and School Library Journal.

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"Read All About It" Reading Enrichment During Gear Up

Read All About It has been very successful. We have read books from these genres this quarter: science fiction, realistic fiction, and graphic novels.

Flyer for "Read All About It."

Learning Commons Transformation

Mrs. Myers has been working to transform the media center from 1994 to a Learning Commons of 2016.

She created a survey and posted it via a QR code around school for the kids to have input on the changes and she solicited feedback from staff via email. She hopes to have a Learning Commons Advisory Committee meeting in January. She has reviewed submissions and is collaborating with Mr. Ziegler and Ms. Bender.

She has weeded more than 500 books and has integrated the reference section into the regular nonfiction section. She is beginning to weed videos and move that section. Fiction will expand into the video space.

Mrs. Myers met with Kendra Allen and Emily Cochran from the county about furniture and how to update the look of the space. She received 32 new chairs with wheels and is getting 4 leisure reading chairs and a ottoman with a whiteboard from the county. She also met with the furniture vendor regarding the addition of wheels to eight of the media center tables.

Mr. Ziegler and Mrs. Myers are working on two county grants (4Cs and Active Learning Space) to update the space and get new virtual reality equipment, furniture, a recording studio, and Makerspace accessories. They plan to submit those grants in January and February.

She collaborated with Mrs. Bender regarding the integration of a Makerspace. The plan is to put a lego wall into bookshelves where the magazines are currently located. We hope to have a Teen Tech Club where students will begin using the Makerspace, thereby promoting and sustaining it.

Additionally Mrs. Myers is updating the media center's online presence as she is updating the web page.

Hour of Code

During the first week of December, Mrs. Myers assisted Mr. Ziegler with the Hour of Code. We hosted students from each of the grade levels and they learned about coding.
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Interactive Displays and Online polls

Interactive boards are part of many of the media center displays to get students interested in books and what's going on in the media center.

In honor of the election students voted for their favorite book. Harry Potter won, followed by Crossover and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Students also submitted their thoughts regarding what they were most thankful for into a thankful basket.

Since Mrs. Myers weeded about 500 books, she, Mr. Ziegler, and the student media assistants got into the holiday spirit by creating holiday book trees using the weeded books. Photos were posted on Twitter and students are voting for their favorite. It became a boy brains vs. girl power competition.

Professional Development

Imagine the NEXT: The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians

Mrs. Myers attended this national conference in Greensboro and learned a lot about the current trends in libraries and how they are evolving to serve today's students.

Convergence WCPSS Fall Conference

Mrs. Myers attended the Convergence conference and learned a lot of useful information that can be implemented with classes. She learned about ePals and ways that program can increase global literacy for students. She attended a session on Spheros, little programmable robots, that will be part of the Makerspace. She also learned about collaborative software, such as Loomio, which she plans to use with her Learning Commons Advisory Group. Additionally she learned about Project READY and how our school can become part of this initiative.

Student Helpers

Media Assistants During 8th Period

The media assistants this quarter have been helping with inventory and with displays. There hasn't been as much time for blog posts, but they have been hard at work.

Upcoming Plans for Quarter 3

Learning Commons Transformation

Meeting of the Library Advisory Group.

Submission of the two grants.

Begin work on the Makerspace.

Shift fiction and place tall tables near the windows.

Allow kids to self check-in.

Collaborative Projects/Teaching

Human Body Infographic Research Project: Science 7.1 and 7.4

Space Research Project: Science 6.2/3

Research Paper: L.A. 7.4

Biotech Research paper: Science and L.A. 8.1

Nature vs. Nurture Research Project: Science 7.2/3

Ancestry Project: Literacy Connections, K. Johnson

Project READY

At Convergence Mrs. Myers learned about a new initiative WCPSS is beginning as it partners with NCCU and UNC-Chapel Hill called Project READY. Project READY is a yearlong professional development opportunity for 30 schools who are invited to apply to be part of this program. Each selected school will be required to send a team of the school librarian, a classroom teacher, and a literacy coach who will focus on cultural competency and equity literacy, with the goal of improved student engagement and achievement. Mrs. Myers shared the idea with Ms. Allen who would like for us to apply. We will apply after the start of the new year. Karlisia Brown will be the representative classroom teacher, Mrs. Myers will fulfill the librarian's role, and Mr. Ziegler will fill the role of literacy specialist.


Media Center Inventory

The media assistants and Mrs. Myers began inventory of the media center collection earlier this fall. We are continuing to work on inventory and hope to finish it by the end of the spring.

Global Citizens Club

Mrs. Myers hopes to begin a Global Citizens Club in January. More information on that initiative will follow. She hopes to implement the ePals program, which she and Mrs. Bollinger are incorporating, into this initiative.