How I Nicky Flynn...

Nicky's mom brought back a German-Sheperd named Reggie.


Nicky's mom went to the Grocery Store and brought back a 80 pound German Sheperd named Reggie. Nicky has always wanted a dog, but this dog causes a lot of trouble. Nicky and his mom moved to a new city called Boston and live in apartments. Nicky's father lives in Charlestown and lives in apartments called Littleton apartments. His mom and dad got in a divorce 2 years before she moved to Boston, and it has been rough for Nicky. Nicky is in 6th grade and is having a tough time being the new kid but Nicky is getting through the tough times because of her 3 friends Sal, Micky, and Rita. Nicky runs away from home because her mom wants to take Reggie back to the pound because Reggie is causing a lot of trouble. Nicky puts everything on the line even her own life to keep Reggie. Nicky goes to his dad and stays with him for a while, but she thinks Reggie is the only one she can rely on.

Read How I Nicky Flynn finally get a life and a dog.

It is located in the School library at the Ventura Junior School. Nicky has to make a decision to Let his mom take Reggie back to the pound or runaway what will Nicky choose find out when you read the book.

Some pictures of German Shepards

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