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By - Tyler Bittel

Should Chewing Gum in School be Allowed?

Should Chewing Gum in school be allowed? Personally, I think that's a stupid question to ask. Of course it should! Many researches show that chewing gum increases brain activity, can keep you focused and awake in class when you're bored or tired, improve your grades, etc. Another reason gum should be allowed is to keep people from getting hungry if they did not eat lunch. Here are some examples.

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There are a few reasons why kids should be allowed to chew gums in school. My first reason is that if someone who does not have the money to bring or buy food everyday gets hungry in class, they can chew gum to make their stomach at ease. Another reason is if someone doesn't get enough sleep for whatever reason, chewing gum and keeping the jaw moving can help keep the student focused and awake in class. My final reason is because according to some studies I read on the sheet (that Mrs.Groman handed out), studies show that chewing gums can help a students performance in class.

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There is one thing I have never understood though. Why do teachers get so mad/frustrated when students chew gum in class. They always complain that the chewing frustrates, irritates, and annoys them but I personally think that they are just excuses. I have sat next to students who chew gum almost everyday and can barely notice unless they are making chewing noises on purpose. Also, school Janitors always complain about people sticking gum under bleachers or desks. I always think to myself, "The reason why kids put gum under the bleachers or desks is so they can avoid being caught or getting in trouble from chewing gum. If chewing gum was allowed, I think kids would properly throw away their gum in the trash can.

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Overall, I think chewing gum in schools should be allowed because it can help students in many different ways and can sometimes cause problems but very rarely.

Student Daily News Project

This was a project for my Language Arts Class.

- Tyler Bittel | Period 4 | 2/08/2016