Coast to Coast

By: Luc Tran

Dear Reader

As you may know, I am a fantastic person. Therefore, it must be true that the stories following this letter will be fantastic. And without further ado, I introduce the topic of my story: My Trip Across America. The trip was in an RV which started in North Carolina, and ended in California. I was with my family of six and with one aunt. It was a crowded ride with lots of screaming, but along the way I learned how culture can change even within the boundaries of a single country. There was Southern culture, Native American culture, and Western culture, all inside the confines of the United States. I hope you will enjoy my adventure as much as I did!


Luc Tran

Map of Trip

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My trip across America started in Cary, at my house. We proceeded to stop at major cities along the way such as Memphis, Tulsa, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, and San Jose.

Link to Map:

Timeline of Trip

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Along the way, we stopped at many sightseeing locations. Most of them were in Arizona such as: The Petrified Forest, The Grand Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. Others included Monterey Bay Aquarium, Memphis, and the Hot Air Balloon Festival. As Russel from UP would say, "The wilderness must be explored!"

Journal Entry

It's the 10th day of our RV trip and today, we're right outside the Grand Canyon. Earlier we stopped in Albuquerque to see the balloons lift off, but the weather was too stormy to do it. In addition to the hot air balloon let down, Mom and Dad went to go hike down the Grand Canyon, but we're up here with Aunt Linh since we're too young. I think they'll be back by late tonight, but the Grand Canyon is pretty big. While my parents are gone, we played Candy Land, went shopping, ate some burgers, and even went and stared over the edge of the Grand Canyon. My brother and sisters keep on bothering me too, they keep whining about not having parents and won't stop jumping on my back. I just wish my parents would come back so we can go eat something. I'm getting pretty bored of playing Candy Land 20 times, so I think I'll just go walk around the stores here.

"Adventure is out there!" -Carl (UP)


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The End of The Road

From Raleigh to San Jose

Stopping everywhere along the way

Memphis for its barbecue

Tulsa with its great view

Albuquerque's big balloons

Arizona and the ruins

Dropping by the Valley

And ending at the algae

My expectations were not unmet

This will not be a trip I will soon forget

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