The Maze Runner

Everything is Going to Change!

You could be the best runner if you go in the maze today!

If you like to run, you would LOVE the maze, because you will stay fit, and show off your skills that you have always kept inside! Are your tired of sitting on your couch, not showing your talents? Well go to the maze now, and you will become and a champion!

Advantages of living in the glade

Come to our shop now!

The shop has supplies after you finish fighting your pets. If you get hugged too hard by your puppy, we will give you many kinds of medicines for fighting off "The Changing". If that deal isn't enough, you get to spend all day with cool guys, and the occasional girl.

This is the maker of "The glade", and you can try surviving in the glade, and if you enjoy, you can thank him! Limited offer, it will be free to go in the glade for a little, until everyone finds a way to escape.


Our presentation is on The Maze Runner, and we made the poster as an advertisement. One of the things that we wrote about was “Free Food.” This talked about how if you work hard in the glade, you get free food. Some of the humorous things we told about how the grievers were good pets, and helped you sharpen your fighting skills. Another point we made was that if you became a runner, you would not only stay fit, but you would show off your skills, and not be sitting on a couch all day. Our presentation would not only persuade people to go to the glade to be a runner, but would also help you find your inner self, and find love in your heart <3. *Cough* *Cough* Teresa.