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News from the Creston Media Center

Welcome to a new school year! I want to take this opportunity to share some of the opportunities we have available to you through the MediaPlex. In addition to many physical resources, we have a lot of information on our Destiny library page (the software that tracks all of our books); if you are working on a particular project and would like me to add links, I will be glad to do so.

I will be happy to help you locate any type of resources, work with you in a lab or your classroom, help investigate technology problems, or anything else. If we don't know the answer to something, we try to help you find it.

Linda Meid and I are available to assist you in many ways, whether it's book, website, or resource suggestions; selecting and scheduling a lab that will best fit a lesson; finding out just what is available, or anything else in the realm of possibilities. As we prepare for book check out, she is working on being sure that all students are included and assigned to the correct classes. In middle school, ELA teachers bring students, and for CIA, usually the ELA teacher; more details on that soon!


We "weeded" hundreds of books from the media center. Yes, some of them are old, but some are in great condition and we no longer needed so many copies. Feel free to come down some time and select some for your classroom collection/library. They are on shelves and carts near the SI COM lab. These are for any teacher; for example, there are books that might be of interest for social studies or science classrooms. (Do you see me in the picture?)
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Computer Labs in the MediaPlex available for sign up any time

How Do I Sign Up for a Lab?

There are google calendars open to all for the SI COM, PC, and Collaborative Labs. (and labs 105 and 111 for CMS) To request the LGI room or auditorium, contact your school's secretary (Dianne for CMS, Donna for CIA)

Here is a link to a google doc with directions for adding the Creston calendars and signing up. If something doesn't seem to be working for you, Linda and I don't mind signing up for you. It is nice that you can always see what is available whenever and wherever you are planning.

Teacher Recommended: 50 Classroom Apps

These apps were featured in a great webinar I attended in May. This article has many of the details. I attend lots of webinars; please let me know if you are looking for professional learning on any particular topics.
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Teachers' Treasures

Teachers' Treasures is a non-profit organization that allows teachers at high poverty schools to "shop" for free supplies. There is an annual fee to join; $25 until September 1, $35 after that. Schools are assigned a particular week to shop each month, and there is at least one Saturday per month that they are open. I am the liaison for CMS, with Sarah Pelto for CIA. I've placed our shopping calendar in the downstairs copy room. Our first week is next week, Mon-Thursday. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can find the registration form on the link above.

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A repairman from Kentucky should be here Thursday afternoon; the Indiana rep is on vacation. Sorry for the delay.