Netiquette and Online Safety

>> join Taylor Tavormina as she preaches to the choir <<

Netiquette and Online Safety

Tuesday, June 4th 2019 at 7pm

Winnipeg Terrace

Wanneroo, WA

Come watch Taylor Tavormina teach you how to use the internet correctly and safely!
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Things You Will Learn About:

  • You'll learn how to flame without hurting someone's feelings and being disrespectful.
  • You'll learn how to create a password that no one could guess.
  • You'll learn how to not release person information to strangers.
  • You'll learn how not to meet someone from the internet online in a scenario thought of solely by yours truly.
  • You'll learn about how to only surf appropriate websites. The government can track you the way!
  • You'll learn to not post pictures of yourself or others.
  • If you feel uncomfortable online while talking to someone, tell someone else.
  • You'll learn to password protect everything!