Visit Pennsylvania

The Happy Colony

Settle In Colonial Pennsylvania

This is a map of our colony, Pennsylvania. We are a middle colony and are open to many different political and religious ideas.

The people who've come to our colony have been happy! While other colonies have suffered from hardship and many people have died from famine and sickness, everything here is going well.

Meet Our Founder

Pennsylvania was founded in North America by William Penn on March 4, 1681. Penn founded Pennsylvania when King Charles II gave him the right to settle there. He named Pennsylvania in honor of his father Admiral Sir William Penn along with the word "Sylvania" which is Latin for forest land.

Enjoy Religious Freedom

In Pennsylvania we have religious freedom so you can practice what ever religion you like. William Penn is a member of the society of friends or "Quakers". Because many people in England did not like the Quakers and wanted them to leave. Penn believed there should be no restriction on free worship. You can have a religion as long as you profess your belief in Jesus Christ.

Our Geography is Ideal

If you like the four seasons Pennsylvania is the place for you. We have warm humid summers and cold snowy winters with lots of forests and hills. Our soil is fertile the climate is pleasant and we are able to grow crops.

Our Government is Democratic

William Penn promised his colonist that they would be free and be governed by laws that they made. We have an appointed governor, a court system, and a general assembly. The assembly is made up of land owners who are elected.

Our Economy is Thriving

In Pennsylvania our economy is mainly based on agriculture especially wheat, cattle, corn, and dairy. We also specialize in the manufacturing of textiles, papermaking, and shipbuilding. We have a little bit of something for everyone. The sounds of hammers and saws are everywhere and houses are being built everyday. Ships come in often with lots of new settlers. You will have lots of company!