Winter Vacation to the Taiga

See the Taiga in the beautiful winter!


The taiga is very cold. It has the lowest recorded temperatures, in an area known as Siberia in Russia. Generally, most precipitation comes from snow in the winter.


The flora in the taiga mainly consists of coniferous trees such as pine. They have all have adapted to the harsh cold climate. There are only a couple of broad leaf trees, such as Aspens. They have no leaves in the winter though.


The taiga consists of mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and other natural landforms. Although it is the largest land biome, there aren't many inhabitants. Many places are too cold to have permanent cities.


Every animal in the taiga has to adapt to its cold surroundings, whether that is by camouflage or having a thicker coat. The top of the food chain includes wolves and bears. There are also moose, deer, elk, and fish lower down on the chain.

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