Bethel YOUTH

Back at it

Another year....

We find ourselves full into FALL now looking back at Summer fun and forward to Winter crazies. This season of Fall is my favorite, the transition of colors and temperatures are the biggest perks. I start to wear socks and shoes more often too.

Here's hoping that we come together this year and that we bring in more of our younger youth to let them be a part of this journey of self. God knows we all need the support!

MIDWEEK Wednesdays 6:30-8:30p in the Student Center

Every Wednesday night from 6:30p-8:30p the High School Youth of Bethel meet upstairs in the Student Center to hang out and talk about everything. Joe, Tree, Kris and sometimes Dustin are there to help wrangle the gang. We listen to music, play games, eat odd snacks, talk, watch videos, talk some more. There's always a teaching or leading of sorts. Occasionally we have a special speaker address the group. High School is tough and we need each other. At MIDWEEK we do our best to help each other. Every night we close with our highs and lows for the week past or week to come and we always...ALWAYS, close in prayer together.

Here when you need it

Some help...

Below is a link to a resource in dealing with the mass shooting in Las Vegas. This is for parents and youth to help process this whole thing.
People can do some cool stuff...