Macbeth is a flawed hero because he can easily be tricked.Macbeth is extremely ambitious. He was prideful , and loyal but then later on at the end he became paranoid , and scared. His flaw was that he was too ambitious. The witches led him and tricked him and influenced him to do things he didn't want to do. His wife , Lady Macbeth , also had a hand in things.

In Hunger Games Katniss wasn't trying to save people. She was content with her life and happy with the way it was. Dystopian Society was a oppressive society that was trying to control everyones life. The monsters they were fighting against was people that were hunger for power and ambition to keep people in line. they fought back by taking the fight district by district until they got the capital. Yes they were successful by telling the leader and taking control of the capital. On a different note by taking over the capital the ironic part is that Katniss says by destroying the government. she hopes that she didn't create a worse one.