Linn Lion's Roar

November 2021


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School Hours:

Doors Open: 7:30am

Class Hours: 8:00am - 3:15pm

YMCA Afterschool Program: 3:15pm - 5:15pm


  • November 1

  • November 4
    Title 1 Game Night
    5:30pm - 6:30pm

  • November 7
    Daylight Saving Time Ends

  • November 9
    Picture Retakes 8am

  • November 11
    Veterans Day

  • November 16
    Site Council Meeting

  • November 18
    Music Programs:
    4th Grade 6:00pm
    5th Grade 7:00pm

  • November 24 - 26
    Thanksgiving Break

  • November 30
    Coffee and Conversations
    7:30 am

Safety and Security Information

Please see the information below about our Safety and Security Procedures


Our kinder kiddos have been continuing to learn the alphabet and the sounds made with fluency. We are also learning new high frequency words. In ELA we have been retelling stories, identifying characters and setting in a story. In math we will be moving on to learning about shapes and their attributes.


Hello First Grade Families!

We are working hard here in first grade as there is a lot to learn! We appreciate all your help. Make sure your student is practicing sight words and reading at home every day. The weather is changing rapidly so please ensure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather. We go outside every day (weather permitting) so your student will need a jacket. As we mentioned, we have a lot to accomplish so attendance is critical. Please try to have your student here every day and on time. We understand there will be times your student is ill or there are family emergencies.

Once again we appreciate you and let us know if we can help in any way!


Second grade has been working very hard this month continuing to build our reading and writing skills as well as basic math concepts. Please support us by reading every night with your child and working on the basic skills pages that are sent home with the weekly newsletter. If you have not connected to Talking Points, please be sure to check this out and stay connected with your child’s teacher. Together, we can help to ensure that your child has a successful year.


Hello 3rd Grade Family,

We are still busy learning our Multiplication Facts in 3rd Grade. This past module we learned about telling time and rounding. In reading the students were able to create a magazine article as part of their writing assessment. We ask you to please continue to encourage and help your child study their multiplication facts at home. Your child should also still be reading 15-20 minutes every night and filling out their reading log. It’s very important that your child is going to bed early and getting plenty of sleep so they are well rested and ready to learn in the morning! Thank you for all your support and for all that you do!

The 3rd Grade Team (Mrs.Rodriguez, Mrs.Castro, Ms.Engle)


Hello Families!

We want to start by thanking the families that helped provide snacks for our Boo-kathon. We had so much fun reading all days along with all the activities we planned.

We have been one busy bunch in 4th grade. In math, we are starting to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. To help with this at home, please continue working on those multiplication facts; it will be so helpful!

In Reading and Writing, we are going to start narratives, which are more story based materials. We will be writing our own stories as well as reading different types.

For Science, we are wrapping up our Animal Adaptations projects. The kids have been very excited about them and have been doing a great job putting them together. Make sure to talk to your student about how it went and what they enjoyed most about their project. Once these are finished, we will pick right back up where we left off on Energy.

At home, keep working on those addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. As always, let your teacher know if you would like resources to help with practicing these with your student. Keep encouraging your student to read out loud for at least 15 minutes each night.

Please feel free to reach out to your teacher through TalkingPoints at any time about any questions or concerns that you have.

4th Grade Team


Greetings Linn 5th Grade Family & Friends,

Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your student’s day! We are very thankful to work with every one of you to facilitate progress with students’ academic, social, and emotional goals.

We want everyone to be on a successful path forward! Linn Lions Are Roaring Ahead!!

Students must focus on becoming more responsible for communicating about their day, turning in work after being absent, and checking for missing and late assignments. Students have access to Skyward and check their grades every Monday. Parents- you have access to Skyward 24/7, but your students should be sharing the information with you, even though you should be checking weekly as well. They need to start “owning” their work and meeting their responsibilities to increase success in middle school.

Homework expectations for 5th graders are to read a minimum of 30 minutes each day and practice math facts at least 10 minutes each day- weekends too! We highly recommended additional practice for students who are not meeting expectations at the 5th-grade level. Please have a family meeting with your student and, together, establish an after-school routine. The routine should include homework time, chores, relaxation, mealtime, and bedtime.

We hope you enjoy spending time with family and friends over Thanksgiving Break. We are here to support your student and you! Please let us know when you have questions, comments, and or concerns. Let’s continue to have a wonderful 5th-grade year!

The 5th Grade Team-

Ms. Blanco

Ms. Figueroa

Mrs. Laskowsky


Hello Linn family,

This month we have a couple of big things going on we are preparing for. The 4th and 5th grade programs are coming up on November 18th in the evening. 4th grade program is entitled “Celebrate Nature” and is all about stopping and looking at nature around you. The 5th grade program is “How the Penguins Saved Christmas”. I don’t want to give away too much of the story so you’ll have to just show up and see what happens yourself. K-3rd grades are busy learning about music concepts, playing games and exploring the world of music.

Music Department