Newton's Laws Of Motion

By Austin Hamilton

First Law

This law states that when an object is in motion it stays in motion and when a object is at rest it stays at rest.


Step 1. Gather material

* Wooden board

* 9 books

* Car

* Spring Scale

* Two 200g weights

Step 2.

Set up five books for the ramp and four books for the car to crash into then put the spring scale on the back of the car and add the 200g weights and as it is going down the ramp the car wants to stay in motion and pull the spring scale forward. Then take the spring scale off and let the car go go down the ramp by its self and let it crash into the books


The way that this demo will show inertia is that the car going down the ramp shows the car staying in motion when the carwith the weights pulls the spring scale forward. Then when the car crashes into the books shows the car at rest and staying at rest.

Third Law

The third law states that whith every action there is an opposite reaction.


Step 1.

Gather all of the materials

2 inch Rubberband

1 inch Rubberband


Step 2.

Grab the 1inch or 2inch rubberband and then put it on the tip of your left thumb and then pull back the rubber band with your pointer finger and your thumb of your right hand that will create the action then let go and watch the opposite reaction with the rubberband as it go's forward. Then see which rubberband works better.


The way that this demo will show's Newton's third is that when you pull back the rubberband it will have a opposite reaction and go forward.