By:Vinny Craft

Type Of Business

It is a corporation.

benefit 1. protects your assists

benefit 2. easier to raise your capital (money)


The founder of Pacsun is Tom Moore.

in 1980 Tom Moore opened up the first shop of Pacsun in Newport beach, California

Four Facts

1. sells casual apparel, footwear, and accessories designed for teenagers

2. has over 300 stores in 40 states

3. . More than a quarter of total sales are derived from the sale of T-shirts and knit and woven tops!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Annual sales from the decade have went up from $18 million to $321 million

Would I Invest In This Company?

Yes, I would most definitely invest they are making money and will make more as time goes. I could get tons of clothes from the money I make.


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