Spartan Scoop 15

December 4, 2015

Things to Ponder: Words Have Power- The Power of Positive Intent

This is worth the ten minutes it takes to watch.

December Items and Need to Knows:

PBS Lesson: Gym in the Morning- Responsible

GBE Winter Book Celebrations for the remainder of the Month:

12/8- Grinch Day-- Look Grinchy!! Grinchy Treat for students at Lunch. Read Aloud at the Morning Assembly.

12/15- Polar Express Day -- Wear PJ's or Cozy Clothing; A treat and Read Aloud as other days

12/18- Festive Sweater Day-- Wear your most festive sweater!

Caroling Around the Tree at 9 am in the School Square.

We will try to get photo opps each of these days! If you can catch a photo please share!

Copy machine is set up to scan to your school mail or can manually enter a different outside email address.

PD Forms that were shared with you-- I was informed that our PD form that was shared stated we need 30 hours of extra PD. Please note that this is an old form and we are required 15 hours of PD. This is taken care of with our PLC meetings and the District Built in PD days. Shine 1/2 and Mentors make sure to log your hours that you have attended Shine training, etc..

Peer Observation Forms-- These can be turned into my door. Make sure to complete all parts of the forms. Please get these scheduled.

Envisions Questions- Is everyone feeling comfortable using Envisions? Do we need to have any extra PD? If anyone feels a need for some extra assistance or has questions please let me know. If seen as a need, I will be talking to those of you I have discussed leading PD for staff in this area. This would be a voluntary session.

Google Site Training will be offered after we return from break. Please watch for a schedule to be shared. Our goal is to have all websites changed over to Google Sites and updated. If you site is still not up to date you will need to adjust this information.

Thank you for getting your parent involvement activities planned and on the calendar. I am excited about some of the ideas I am hearing!

Make sure you have your Calling Tree handy for any Inclement Weather. This has been shared on Google Docs.

Intruder Drill- We will have one coming up this month. Plan to be proactive and structure in a lesson for your students regarding the drill. Mr. Samuel has created a document that outlines this lesson and verbiage to use with students. This needs to be done before December 14th.

We will have a letter that goes out to our parents prior to the drill and after. Mr. Samuel will send out that information next week.

Info from Jackie and the Library: Please be aware that Cher will not be at school on Monday, therefore the library will be closed at the beginning of scheduled class times when I'm teaching a lesson or reading a book and from 10:45-11:15 when I'm at our PBS Tier 2 meeting. Please do not send students during those times.

Thanks for your cooperation!

FYI from Third grade: 3rd grade decided not to have an awards assembly for the month of December, due to us not having an A-Day the last week of school, which would have our assembly next week. Also, we will be having our 3rd grade PBS Success Movie Day on Thursday (Dec. 17th).

Shine December Newsletter:

Monday, December 7th CLT- Meet in Music Room-

We will meet briefly then break into groups. We had planned to take a look at the Smarter Balanced Link to review an example of the digital assessment the state used last year. We have to table this at this time, but do plan to go over this resource and the new link as a staff to make sure everyone is comfortable with the test before spring, but several teams mentioned other pressing items they need to take care of on Monday re assessments/RTI grouping/scores, and organizing activities that have been planned to be implemented as resources for parents at upcoming involvement days.

Teams need to send out information to parents about these days and specific details so they are informed and able to plan to attend. I need a description of the activities sent to me, please.

We will also discuss data points and collection for SLO's/CWG.

Wellness Winners From Coach Bell:

I forgot to draw names last week since it was a short week so we have 2 weeks worth of winners. Congrats to all the winners! Keep up the good work!












Emily E

Laura Q


Megan L

Sarah S

Ashley B

Lisa S









Big Brothers and Big Sisters News:

I wanted to extend an invitation to attend the upcoming Christmas party to be held Friday, Dec. 11th at Moberly H.S. from 6-8 pm. There will be 16 kiddos from GBE along with their BIG attend the party. A total of 35 persons will be present to celebrate the holiday season.

Our group will be receiving recognition during the half-time of the Varsity Boys game (approximately 8 pm).

December Do's:

  • If you team has not turned in your Spartan Tutoring Wait List please get this done asap.
  • Keys for classrooms have been put in as a workorder. At this time I know that we have several. Thank you for being patient.
  • Peer Observations- the document shared out gives you a guide for this requirement. Get these set up before the time sneaks up on you in March!
  • DRA's for the Winter Testing Window need to be completed and entered by January 22nd.
  • SLO's Data Points plugged into your shared doc with Shelia. Krystal has created a doc for 5th to put in their extra data points for CWG. If you are interested in this please ask her to share. :)
  • Check your December Calendar it is a busy month!! Always Always put all events that are for parents or families to attend in your newsletters-- classroom based or building/district based events.
  • Christmas Party Times need to added to Google Docs for each classroom:
  • Read our PBS Coaches Corner Bulletin!
  • Secret Santa is NEXT WEEK!

Lollipop Moments:

I want to do a "lollipop thank you." Thank you, Vicky, for assisting me with the library tree in the hallway and for putting up that adorable bulletin board outside the library door! The students are loving both festive displays! I appreciate your creative ideas and your assistance! From Jackie

December Birthdays to Celebrate!


Cher Smith-13th

Lindsey Hull-14th

Calendar Events that are Coming Up Next week:

December 7th:

Winter Book Celebration at the Assembly

CLT @ 8 am- start in Music room

PBS Data share @ 8:05 in the Library

Finish discussions in the Library.

PTO @ 5:30 pm

December 8th:

4th Grade Care Team @ 7:45

Board Of Education meeting at CO @ 5:30 pm

DFS Christmas Party at GBE

December 9th:

Sped Staffing @ 7:45 am

New Teacher Meeting @ 7:45 am (if you are a part of another meeting this morning touch base with Dave or I later in the day. (We are reviewing ALICE Protocol and addressing any questions.)

District Leadership Team Meeting @ CO Dave and Angie

December 10th:

Wellness Team Meeting @ 7:45

Reading Counts Lunch with Principals

1:45 5th Grade Math Fair (Parent Involvement Activity)

2:45 5th Grade Awards Assembly

6 pm MMS Basketball (Lock you classroom doors unless your room is used)

December 11th:

Box Tops Deadline-- being picked up by PTO

Grade Level/Team Meetings @ 7:45

3rd Grade Rehearsal @ 9:30 am

Watch for next weeks' Christmas Surprise for everyone on the Calendar!! :)

Sonic Drink Appreciation Day for a GBE Grade Level/Team

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 at 12am

1320 Gratz-Brown Street

Moberly, MO

I promised early on in the year that each grade level/team would get a day that they received a Sonic drink of choice as an appreciation from us. We have featured our third grade team early on in the year for Sonic Treats. It is now time to move onto fourth grade! Something to look forward to when we return from break. Don't worry if you have not had your day yet! You will -- one team at a time helps my pocket book. ;)