The case of the deadly desperados

Caroline Lawrence

P.K. Pinkerton

“There was a pause & then a flood of light & Belle’s voice saying, Run for it P.K.! Run!” p. 40 The title of this book is The Case Of The Deadly Desperados and it’s by Caroline Lawrence. The book takes place in Virginia City. Some of the key characters in the story are P.K. Pinkerton, Belle Donne, Whittlin Walt, Poker Face Jace, Sam Clemens and Dan De Quille.

The characters in The Case of the Deadly Desperados experience and tell you all the troubles they go through. P.K.lost his family ( killed by Whittlin Walt and his group). He also had to escape to Virginia City to get away from Walt but that didn’t work.This is P.K. Vs Society because some people in the society are out to get him. Belle Donne had some troubles and they were that she persuade P.K. to come with her and she then took out a g . I think it is her against her own self because she keeps making the decisions.

P.K., Poker Face Jace and Stonewall made a plan to make sure Walt and his gang would not get P.K. but it didn’t work. On page 214 it shows them playing poker, ‘“ Full house, Kings high.” said Jace. He prepared to scoop up his winnings but Walt put his own cards down. “Four ladies,” said Walt, by which I believe he meant four Queens. He pulled a lot of coins over to his part of the table.”’ I think this is the climax because this is when Walt actually comes close to getting P.K. and getting the letter but P.K. got away. I think the resolution of this book is when P.K. gets his own detective business called, PK PINKERTON private eye. It is the resolution because he got what he finally wanted, to be what his grandfather was, a detective. on page 266 it shows P.K. wanting his “job”, “I took my Pinkerton RailRoad Detective Button from my pocket & looked at it. Then I said, I am going into the Detective Business. It is my Destiny.”

P.K. and his traits

P.K. has a lot of courage. He has lots of courage when he had to get on the horse wagon and the driver noticed him. The wagon was going to Virginia City. When Walt and P.K. were facing off in the “cavern” under the mountain, when he had to play out a plan in a bar with Poker Face Jace and Stonewall, and when he had to dress up as a girl to keep safe without Walt and his gang noticing. Another moment when P.K. show’s that he has courage is when he was by himself inside the mountain and there was no light and there were rats. He found a sign that said DANGUR, which meant Danger that was right in front of a big black hole that P.K. couldn't even see the bottom.

P.K.'s life in Virginia City

1. Life in Virginia City was an everyman for himself city so you can’t really trust anyone. On page 49 a quote about this is, “Her blue eyes glittered and her cheeks were real pink. You will soon learn, she said it is every man for himself in Virginia. And every woman, too. Now give me what you have there.” This passage connects to the time period because Belle tells P.K. to give her the letter to get a large amount of land and people took a lot of things from people in those days.

2. There are a lot of fights in Virginia City. On page 44 a quote about this is, “Whiny yelled & staggered back & clutched his face with his free hand. His nose was spurting blood. This passage connects to this time period because there were a good amount of fights then and people got hurt a lot due to bar battles or shootings.

3. There were wanted people because they did bad things. On page 77 a quote about this is, “The wanted poster in my hands showed an ugly man with pale eyes & a scar on his chin and a droopy mustache. It chilled my blood just to look at it. Then I noticed smaller type below the reward price. It read as follows: Whittlin Walt often travels with Dubois “Extra Dub” Donahue and Boswell “Boz” Burton.” This passage connects to the time period because ( as I said on #2) people did bad things and they were noticed for it. A wanted poster is the way of showing the people who the person is and how much they cost to be found.

4. There were places that you can report information ( it’s like the newspaper) that has happened or that is happening. On page 69 a quote about this is “It was a flimsy one-story wood-frame building and as I drew closer I was able to make out a big sign that read: OFFICE OF THE TERRITORIAL ENTERPRISE. Built up against the far side of the building was a kind of shed with a slanting tin roof and light pouring out of a window. The light attracted me, so I went there first. Peeping in the window, I saw lots of men in white shirtsleeves sitting at a long table & eating. There were bunks on either side. I thought it looked more like a boardinghouse than a Newspaper.” This passage connects to the time period because there were like newspaper places to record info and put it into something and to put ads in it and other things like job spots.

Events that happened in time

1. Abraham Lincoln ( as president) created the Emancipation Proclamation to make sure that slaves are free like everyone else. (January 1, 1863)

2. Uysses S. Grant became president on May 4, 1869 and was president to 1877.

3. World War 1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918. Great Britain, Italy, France, Russia, Belgium, the US and Japan defeated Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and Turkey.

4. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald.

5. The first Super Bowl was on January 15, 1967 and the teams were the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers were the winning team and the score was 35-10.

6. Steve Jobs created the first ipad on January 27, 2010. It started to come into shops on April 3, 2010.

7. There was a terrible massacre at Newtown Elementary School on December 14, 2012. There were 27 people killed, 20 kids and 7 adults (including the killer).
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