6th Grade Reading/English

January 2016

Literature Circles

We have started meeting in small groups during reading class, called literature circles. This is a great time where students get to meet in a small-group setting with the teacher, to read and discuss works of literature that are on their working/reading levels. The teacher has an opportunity to facilitate instruction at each group's level and better meet their needs through discussion and questioning. We hope this is a time for our students to feel comfortable asking questions and joining in on discussions about their novels, in turn, making it more enjoyable!
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AR and Vocabulary Homework Expectations

* Students are still required to read and test on two books (150 pages or more) during each six weeks grading period. Honors classes have a different page requirement. Feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have questions regarding expectations. The grades from their AR tests are recorded in the grade book. Failure to take tests, results in zeros for these assignments. This is an easy way to ensure some good grades each six weeks. Please check on your child every week, to make sure they are staying on top of their reading. (If they read 20-30 minutes each week night, then this will not be a problem.)

*Students receive a new vocabulary list each Monday that we are at school. They are expected to have their definitions and assigned vocabulary homework ready to turn in every Wednesday. This has been our procedure since September. We have asked that students get their vocab. homework checked over by a parent or by us in the mornings or afternoons, before it is due. If you are not seeing it at home, please ask your child about this. We encourage discussion about all of the words at home. The more exposure your child is getting, the better the understand how to use and apply these words. All students get five lists per six weeks and take a cumulative test the sixth week of each grading period. All vocab. homework is a weekly daily grade.

Upcoming Reading Events

AR Hat Day- Friday, January 8th (This is a fundraiser for AR....bring $2.00 to your reading teacher to participate.)

Third Six Weeks AR Treat- Wednesday, January 20th

First Semester AR Celebration- January 29th

Valentine Dance- Friday, February 6th, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at KMS - more information to come!