Black Power

Chris Blackwell

Background Information

The "Black Power" Movement began in 1966 because of the increase of pride in black heritage. Stokely Carmichael began started this because he believed that blacks should have political control over themselves instead of being forced under the values of the whites.

Info about the protest

In the beginning of the protest their way of protesting was through violence. That was the way Malcolm X had wanted it, and it stayed that way for only a short amount of time. They would often get into violent fights with the police and they sometimes ended up with fatalities. This went on until the members of the Black Power Movement changed there approach, and began to form goals for peace and full employment for blacks. These protests began in Memphis, Tennessee, and ended up traveling out of state and into Mississippi. These protests began in the year 1965 and ended in 1969.
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Effects of the protest

When they started this protest they wanted equality for blacks and they got what they wanted when large amounts of blacks were allowed to serve in the Vietnam war in large numbers. This caused the black leadership to divide and that was how black power spread even more among all people. The protest caused these effects because they fought for full employment and they eventually were willingly allowed to serve in the military, if they had not protested this and fought for it that never would have happened.

Assessment Question

"How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests"

They demonstrated their belief system through their protests by their actions and through what they said. For example, Langston Hughes said "Black is Beautiful" in one of his poems. He was apart of the Black Power movement and that's what he believed, and protested.

Black Power Video:

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