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17 years old and love to travel. I would love to be able to experience many things in my life but these are just some of the many that are on the top of my list of things I want to do. There are a variety of different tourism types that I would like to experience, some of which including Voluntourism and Recreation Tourism.

Love locks in France, Paris -Recreational Tourism

From movies to TV shows something I have always seen as interesting is the love lock in France, Paris . This has been one of the top destinations I've always wanted to visit due to the amount of tourism it gets it seems like a really nice place. Aside from that the love lock is somewhere I would want to travel to after getting married or even before getting married to place a lock on the fence with an engrave date and names. Following that trip , after having kids and a family I would like to return to the same place to be able to show my family that I was here before and locked a lock on this fence. This tourist site is very appealing to both my eyes because of the vibrant colours and to my heart because of the many couples that come here to lock a lock as a sign of their relationship.
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Eiffel Tower in France, Paris -Recreational Tourism

In comparison to my other attraction from France, Paris I would also like to visit the Eiffel Tower in France. Even though this site has been seen by many and some frown upon it I would still like to see it for myself. France is a place I would love to travel to because of their wonderful sites for tourists that have a great depth of meaning behind them. Taking part in France's culture and history has always been one of my top ideas on my bucket list.
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Sydney, Australia- Family Tourism

Australia is a place of beauty and wonders. From place to place within this country there are many things to explore such as the night life, many tourist attractions, wildlife and much more. Australia is somewhere I have always dreamed of traveling too because of the Beauty of their structures and land. One of the main reasons I would like to go to Sydney, Australia in particular is because of the high population of family I have there and have never seen. Since my family is seen as split from country to country, all my family from Sydney are people I've never seen and that is why aside from the sight seeing in Australia I would like to travel there to meet all the family I have never met before.
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Caribbean Cruise - Recreational Tourism

Growing up in my family was one of the most greatest things I could've ever been put in. My family extends to about 30 people as close relatives and we would always travel to a different Caribbean country for all inclusive vacations. Throughout these years of going places we saw Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica. One of my other goals on my bucket list is going on a Caribbean cruise and being able to visit more than one country over the span of 7-8 days on the cruise. I've only ever traveled on one day cruises but one of my dreams is to be able to stay nights on a boat, eating and interacting with people since it is a totally different feel then being on land.
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Charity Work in Africa -Voluntourism

Helping someone in need has always been something I loved doing. Since I was small every birthday I would make sure to donate $50 to a charity of choice or to an orphanage back in Sri Lanka that would buy the kids food and treats for the day. Aside from these donations of money I would like to be able to do some hands on work with kids in Africa. A program I have seen this through is Me to We volunteer trips which let me travel to a country of choice and stay there for a week helping out these kids. Since I was small it had always been a dream of mine to help build a school for children and being able to see them do various activities that we have funded for. One of my main reasons for wanting to travel to Africa is to be able to help someone in need not only by money, but by hands on actions that can help them develop for future years.
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Me to We - Volunteer Trips

Visit the 7 wonders of the world- Adventure Tourism

Visiting the 7 wonders of the world and being able to say that I've done that is my greatest goal. All 7 of these places are ones I would love to travel to from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal everything is seen as historically significant and a must do for sure before I die. Since all these places are very old I hope to go to see them in the near future since with time, things start to get old. Being myself I have never seen any of these wonders and I know I would be really happy if I was able to adventure and explore and get the chance to travel to these places.
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Venice, Italy- Adventure Tourism

Venice, Italy is a place of both beauty and culture. Italy itself is one of the places I have always wanted to travel to since I want to experience the culture and the way of living in these areas. Italy itself is filled with many sites to see and is on my bucket list of places to travel too. In particular one of my top places within Italy is Venice. That is because it is a new environment to be able to live in because of the roads not being paved but being filled with water where everyone travels on little boats. All in all one of the main reasons for wanting to travel to Venice is to be able to experience the new environment and dive into the culture and ways of life over there.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates- Adventure Tourism

Dubai is somewhere I have seen in many movies as a high populated very high class area. I've always wanted to travel to Dubai because of the great variety of buildings and structures that have been created by man. Dubai, having one of the biggest malls in the world is somewhere I want to go too since I love shopping. Palm islands is also somewhere I would love to travel to within Dubai since it is a man made island and reminds me of resorts you would see in the Caribbean.
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Build a Tree house - Adventure Tourism

Building a tree house in my backyard is something I have seen on all my shows I've watched since I was a kid, from tree house buddies to the book series magic tree house these have inspired me to want to build my own tree house in my backyard. Being able to build a tree house and have a sleepover or just chilling with my friends seems like one of the most fun things and I would love to be able to do it. Since a tree house can be something you can design yourself and make if the way you want it reminds me of building your own house except that it's a tree house that you can design according to yourself.
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Holi in India- Cultural Tourism

Holi in India is reminds me of colour run in Toronto. Holi is something I have always wanted to play because it is like taking a part in Indian culture and tradition. Being able to throw different colours of powder at friends, family and random people seems like a really fun thing to be able to do. Even though I have already been to India and traveled around this is something I feel would really be taking part of the culture and the traditions there. Holi in India is something I really want to do with my friends and family in the near future.
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Go to the airport and take the next flight out- Recreational Tourism

Going to the airport and taking the next flight out to a destination that you don't even know. This is something I would love to do because it would be of great surprise since I wouldn't know where I was going and would have to pack a bag full of random stuff since I would be have to be open to anything. This is something I would love to do with a friend so we can experience a new unexpected culture but still have fun with it.
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