Goodbye to an American Hero:

Herbert Carter


Although Herbert Carter has passed his memory still remains.

His Memory Still Remains because all that he has done for the world.

He is stilled remembered, and will never be forgotten. He had part of a role that changed the world, because if it wouldn't have been for him the world would've been different. He was one of the first African Americans to become a pilot to serve the U.S Military during the time with the civil rights.
He also became a Professor at the Tuskegee University. He Was a Professor of air space then later on and a Professor of aerospace studies. He Handled this while still dealing with Illegal segregation.


-He Was Married for over 60 years.

-His wife was also A First To. She was the first ever women pilot.

-He Lived Through a crash landing

-He flew 77 Missions himself

- At all times he faced Discrimination, and Seggragation.

By: Anayelly Juarez 7-11