Final Course Reflection

Makaela Beal

How did you “grow” as a student and as a person?

I grew as a student and person because I realized that the choices and decisions that i'm making right now will greatly effect what i'll do in the future. This course has helped me grow into an adult as cliche as it is to say.

What did you learn?

I learned that being a teacher is harder than most people think. It's not just summers off and spring break, its about constantly changing how to teach and learning how to teach each child. I also learned no matter how smart you are or how much you know can always be improved.

What did you think of the course, the teacher, the students, and the projects?

I thought the course was pretty standard but yet unconventional at the same time. If I had to use one word to describe this class I would use the word quirky because of all the different types of kids in there. The majority of class was full of people I had been friends with beforehand so having class with them was pretty fun. The projects were pretty simple, everyday tasks. They weren't hard or easy they were just things that would actually help us in life.

What changes would you make to this course, if any?

I would honestly not make any changes if I could.

What will you change about yourself?

This class has made me want to be more professional and grown up. I will change how much I procrastinate and I'll actually get things done on time.