Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of August 27 - September 2


Monday, August 27

Tornado Drill - 9:15 am

Tuesday, August 28

Teacher Luncheon from MAPS - 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Wednesday, August 29

Fundraiser Kick-Off - 2:30 pm - K - 2; 2:55 pm - Gr. 3, 4 - Community Room

Thursday, August 30

Fire Drill - 2:20 pm

Friday, August 31

Home Football Game - Tiffin Columbian


Thank you:

Claudine and Jane for your tedious and patient work in the office with dismissal procedures and organizing KRA appointments! You keep Monclova running so smoothly each and everyday!


Jane will be out the next two weeks serving on the Grand Jury. Jill Kohntopp will be filling in most of the days. Certain tasks might need to be on hold during her time out.

MAPS will be providing a welcome back lunch on Tuesday, as I always remind you, please remember to thank them throughout the year. They do a lot for us as a staff

Please make sure you turn in your daily schedule to Jane by August 31.

All grades take STAR Early Literacy or STAR Reading beginning the week of Aug. 27 or Sept. 3 with IEP accommodations due to this being the first measure toward the student's’ SGP scores. This will also serve as practice with STAR tests prior to the fall RtI window so we get more accurate screening data.

OTES resources have been shared with everyone, please refer to the SMART goal document when your PGP. In order to be approved your goals need to contain all parts of a smart goal, it must be measurable and have a time line. Get pre-approval of your goal before submitting in eTPES. I am happy to meet with you to help, too.

First semester OTES observation dates were sent out, please email your day and time!

AWEF grants are due September 1, please take advantage of this great opportunity. Many Monclova staff have been recipients in past years.

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

The first week of school is under our belts! The relationships, class and school culture has been established. As we get further into the year, there will be times staying positive is a struggle for us as a staff and for students. Remember to focus on growth mindset characteristics, mindful activities and modeling.

Here are 4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Bus Moving in a Positive Direction this School Year:

  • Visualize A Great Day – What does a good day look like. Every dream begins in the mind so if you want to have a positive day, take time to think about what that day looks like. What are your students doing? What are teachers doing? What are you doing? Once you visualize what a positive day looks like, you can now take the necessary steps to make it happen.
  • Spend Time with Yourself Before Work/School – Make a commitment to get up early and spend time with yourself before going to work or school. Often times during the school year we feel rushed and anxious. It’s important to get up early so that you feel prepared and ready to begin the school day.
  • Give Positive Energy – If you want positivity, you must be prepared to share positivity. You get more of what you focus on, so CHOOSE to focus on the positive, and reinforce it when you see it in your classrooms/schools. Here are a couple of ways we celebrate the positive on The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey:
    • Fuel Your Ride Slips – writing nice messages to others about something positive they’ve done for you or for others in the community. By the way, sticky notes work just fine!
    • Positive Energy Circles – positive energy circles are a great way to start and end the day. Have students/staff start the day by sharing something they’re excited about. You can also end the day with a positive energy circle having team members/students reflect on something positive that happened or a risk they took.
  • And Finally – Always remember You’re Awesome! You’re the BEST! YOU ROCK! Fuel your own ride with positive energy and positive messages so that you’ll have what it takes to fuel others.

Make it a great day or not. The Choice is Yours.