2 Units - 1 Week!

Ending Egyptian Art...Beginning Proto-Greek Art

Leaving Egypt Behind and Moving Into the Aegean Sea


The Unit 2 Quiz is on Tuesday. The multiple choice portion of the quiz will be posted online Monday afternoon. The short answer and free response portion of the quiz will be administered in class on Tuesday. Please make sure you view the two short films that were posted to Blackboard this weekend:
  • Thutmose's Bust of Nefertiti
  • Hunefer's Book of the Dead

We did not review these artworks in class, but they were included in your reading of Gardner's Art Through the Ages. I also posted a timeline that includes all of the artworks for this unit arranged by kingdom. This is meant to serve as a visual reference. Please make sure you take a look while you study for the quiz.

Proto Greek

Proto Greek Art (art found in the area of the world that would become Greece) is the earliest form of what would be known as Greek art. Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean cultures are all located in the Aegean Sea. This brief study of this unit will introduce us to the first true European civilizations.
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  • View “Hunefer's Book of the Dead” & “Thutmose's Bust of Nefertiti” films on Bb
  • Prepare for Unit 2 Quiz
  • Multiple Choice portion of Unit 2 Quiz released online

Tuesday (class meeting)

  • Unit 2 Quiz (short answer and free response)
  • Unit 3 Intro

Wednesday (class meeting)

  • Lecture: Proto Greek Art


  • Vocab Quiz 3 (online)
  • Google Art Project: Museum of Cycladic Art Assignment

Friday (class meeting)

  • Unit 3 Quiz (multiple choice online/short answer in class)
  • Image IDs Quiz

*We are beginning and ending this week with quizzes. Keep in mind that our study of Proto Greek Art is very brief. They Unit 3 quiz will reflect that. There will be no free response question on the Unit 3 Quiz.

...and your short film for the week, "Caldera"

Caldera (2012)