Baby Shower

Honoring Mrs. Kelley Saussy

Story Book Baby Shower

Once upon a time, there was a royal pair.

A king and queen who dreamed of an heir.

They hoped and they prayed and did all that they could.

In hopes that they would soon experience parenthood.

And one happy day, to their joyous delight,

The Queen had news and her face was quite bright.

"We will have a little one soon", she said with a smile.

And the King rushed to hug her, glad all the while.

With their happiness complete, they want to celebrate.

So join us for a party to eat cookies and cake!

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Event Details

Saturday, Jan. 16th 2016 at 2-5pm

250 Greencrest Drive

Athens, GA

Please RSVP below or text regrets only to Brittany Kinard at 662-386-7000.

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