The Canterbury Tales

The Squire

  • He was to learn from the knight so that one day he could become one
  • Carry the shield and sword of the knight
  • He was the knight's assistant
  • The need for the sqiure tells us that knights were still needed but in order to have knights we need squires.
  • The squires where upper class, the were normally sons of lords or sons of past knights
  • The character is carefree, he was young normally in his teenage years
  • Chaucer doesn't include that he wasn't suppose to be under anothers knight or lord leadership not his fathers
  • The Squire would probably be a soldier thats in training, I think this becuase he is someone in training to defend others, the knight would defend the lords land and people and in force the rules, and the soldiers now in days does the same thing but for our country

Examination of text

The knight had a son and he also traveled with us. He was a young squire who help his father as his assistant. The joyful boy was gentle and on his was to one day becoming a night. His age was about twenty years old, and he was average height, and he had very curld hair. He was in good physical condition which made him very strong. In some wars that happened in Holland, he had served in the army, and in France he had earned honors becuase he won. These accomplishments, which he hoped would impress the girl he loved. He was so in love with this girl that he would stay up all night and not get any sleep. He wore very colorful shirts with long sleeves, and it appeared as if it were a field of red and white flowers. You would be able to tell easly that he was young and carefree becuase all he did all day was sing and play the flute all day. The squire would joust, and dance, draw, and he would also write poetry and songs. In the end of the day, he was a nice young man-humble, polite, and always willing to help out his dad.

Physical Appearance

He was about twenty years old, of average height, and had very curly hair. He was also very strong and physically fit. He wore a very colorful long shirt and that had wide sleeves.


  • Gentle
  • In love
  • Young and carefree
  • Humble
  • Polite and always willing to help

Chaucer's opinion

  • His opinion on the Squire was that he is a nice young man that would make a good knight one day. He thinks is polite and always willing to loan a helping hand.
  • All in all, he was a nice young man-humble, polite, and always willing to help out his dad.