Ernest Hemingway

Maysen Fontenot

Interesting Facts

Ernest was born in 1899.

His mother dressed him as a girl until he was four years old.

He wanted to fight in WW1 but his eyesight was too bad.

He was allowed to enlist as an ambulance driver.

He was wounded in 1918 and returned home.

He received the Italian Medal of Bravery for helping Italian soldiers.

He was awarded a Bronze Star for bravery in WWII.

He was accused of War Crimes after WWII.

He stole a urinal from his favorite bar.

He looked at another mans penis.

He won the Nobel Prize in 1954.

He worked with the KGB in Russia.

He was married four times.

He was in two plane crashes.

He was a journalist before he was a novelist.

He loved hunting and fishing and anything outdoors.

He published 15 books within his lifetime and more after he died.

He had liver disease.

He received electroshock treatments for mental illnesses.

Ernest Hemingway killed himself with his favorite shot gun.

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