Scientific Method Experiment

By Jason Harris

Problem and Observation

I have noticed that some brands of ice cream stay fresh longer than other brands.

Which of my three favorite brands of ice cream will last the longest?


If i store three different brands of ice cream in the same conditions over the same amount of time, then the brand that is the freshest after that certain amount of time is the best brand of ice cream.

Design an Experiment

I will open each container of ice cream and measure out the same amount to put aside and probably eat. Then I shall close the containers and store them in a freezer for three weeks. When the three weeks are over i will go to check on the ice cream. First i will observe each ice cream then I will taste each ice cream to see which ice cream has the best quality after three weeks.

Testing My Hypothesis and Results

I conduct my experiment and have 5 other people taste the ice cream to verify my results. After the experiment, I, along with the other people in my experiment, believe that Edy's Ice Cream has the best taste after 3 weeks.


I conclude that Edy's Ice Cream brand will last the longest out of my favorite ice cream brands.