Flag Pole Estimation Project

By: Brock Sanders, Sarah Leger, & Breanna Berteau - 1/25

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Why can the AA Similar Theorem be used?

AA Similarity states that if two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another, then the triangles are similar. A person standing erect creates a right angle while the flag pole, secured perpendicularly to the ground, also creates a right angle; these two right angles are congruent. The angle formed by the person's line of vision, from his or her eyes to the mirror, is reflected at the exact same angle size in the opposite direction making these two angles congruent. According to the AA Similarity Theorem, these two triangles are congruent.

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Pencil/Person Technique

Pencil/Person technique is used when you want a quick estimate of the flag pole. What you do is use a pen or pencil and you walk far from the pole until your friend (friend should probably be 4', 5', 6' etc.) is visibly the same height as your pencil that your holding up now. Then you stack the pencil on top of the other and combine the total number of feet to get an estimate of the flagpole's height. This technique is sometimes highly inaccurate and it probably should only be done after your actual total is created to check to see what the technique answer would be.
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